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6th Casino in Mandovi: Govt playing with the lives and livelihood of poor Goan fisherfolk: Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco


MARGAO: Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco came down heavily on the decision of the Goa government to permit the 6th Casino into the Mandovi river and allow it to anchor in the Panjim inner port.

“It seems this is a ploy by the government. They (government) should have opposed in the HC the shifting of the Casino vessel during the peak monsoons. Lourenco has demanded that government stop the entry of the sixth casino in Mandovi as there are fears of the casino ship sinking and dangers to human lives as well as danger to other smaller vessels.”

Reginaldo has also vowed to raise the issue at the assembly session, reported the Herald.

“The attempt by owners of the sixth casino vessel to enter Panjim inner port from the Aguada Sand Bar now in the monsoons … is absolutely suicidal and could lead to the sinking or grounding of not just one vessel but several vessels. This may also lead to utter chaos in this area including closure of Panjim Inner port if the concerned vessel sinks,” Reginaldo warned.

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“Besides the possibility of sinking of the vessels, there could be loss of life on the tugs. It could also lead to loss of revenue by way of barges and fishing trawlers not being able to go out to sea through this narrow channel for two or three months after September 15. Huge Fishing and mining losses would result,” Reginaldo told the Herald.

“It is hoped the Courts do not ignore the pleas of the Port authorities and the Government of Goa and disallow this foolish attempt which will put the safety of vessels in danger as well as lives of the staff on these vessels,” he said.

“I will prove that BJP is the most corrupt party and it is evident from the entry of the sixth casino and getting judgement in the way they want. Home Minister is responsible, the Government will be responsible if there is a disaster,” Reginaldo warned, according to the Herald report.

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The Navhind Times reported that Curtorim MLA Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco on Thursday asserted that he will file an intervention petition in the court if attempts are made by a casino owner to bring his vessel from Vasco to Panaji.

Addressing the media, he said the BJP government is trying to give permission to the sixth casino so that the owner can bring his vessel from the Mormugao Harbour jetty to Panaji.

“The owner is taking the risk with the help of the BJP government. If the vessel is brought to the river Mandovi there is a possibility of the vessel sinking”, he said.

Reginaldo said that if the vessel sinks it could lead to a loss of revenue affecting barges and fishing trawlers.

“The casino vessel is now anchored in the Mormugao Harbour jetty and should not be brought to Panaji during the monsoon” he said.



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