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After Marina Kuwar, Bigg Boss 11 inmate Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios claims Arshi was harassed by Baba Ram Rahim

After former Bigg Boss contestant Marina Kuwar accused Baba Ram Rahim of sexual harassment, Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios has a very similar tale to tell. He claims that his client Arshi Khan who is a Bigg Boss Season 11 contestant was harassed by Baba Ram Rahim about a year ago.

Based on what Arshi Khan told me, she was chased by Baba Ram Rahim who hounded her on telephone demanding that she visit him at his hotel room in suburban Mumbai during an awards ceremony, Remedios said.

“He said he will give me a film and that I need to audition for him privately. I was not interested in working with him, because I had heard a lot of negative tales about him and wanted to avoid him at all costs,” is what Arshi Khan told me, said Remedios.

Speaking to an  IndiaScribes.com reporter Remedios said, “The incident happened about a year ago. At that time, Arshi Khan told me that she did not want to go ahead with any allegations against the Baba as he was very powerful and several MPs used to regularly visit him. Arshi Khan was also intimidated by the fact that the Baba used to move around with several AK 47 and sten gun wielding security guards. Woh toh mujhe maar dalega, Arshi Khan told me when I insisted that we file a police complaint. Arshi Khan also felt that complaining about everyone was not going down well with the media. She had spoken about Radhe Maa earlier in 2015-16. The incident with Ram Rahim happened during June-July 2016 during a film awards ceremony in Mumbai, where Ram Rahim was the star attraction and also a sponsor of the awards ceremony, which was held at a star hotel in Juhu,” Remedios said.

Marina in a detailed interview to ABP News has alleged that Baba sexually harassed her many a times.

Marina said Baba used to call her at 2 am in the night expecting her to come to his hotel to hear a movie script. “During meetings with him, he used to praise my cheeks and legs. He never used to have an eye contact with me but used to always stare at my breasts and other private parts. He even touched by thighs and shoulder.”

“I once went to his ‘gufa’ where he took me to a room and tightly hugged me. I could not move an inch. He once offered me a drink with sedatives saying it will eradicate all the negative energies from my body.”

“I will convince Arshi Khan to file a police complaint for harassment after she comes out of the Bigg Boss house,” Flynn Remedios said.

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