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Anjuna Drug Deaths: Kingpin Shravan Singh alias Rocky main supplier of chemical drugs to Anjuna, coastal belt

Even as two youth died of suspected drug overdose at a beach party at Anjuna in North Goa, a drug peddler operating primarily in Jaipur and Jodhpur who runs an inter-state drug trafficking racket in Rajasthan and NCR with business running annually into several hundred crores, is the kingpin and mastermind behind all the online escorts, call girl and flesh trade rackets run via the internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and online platforms in Goa – both North and South Goa coastal belts.

He is the main supplier of chemical drugs (as opposed to naturally sourced drugs like Charas and Ganja) to the Coastal belt of Goa

The two men, hailing from Tamil Nadu, were part of a group which had arrived in the state for a vacation, he said. According to other sources, the two tourists, Abdul Nadim and Pravin Surendra were from Tamil Nadu, and participated in a get-together on Vagator Beach on Sunday.

Sources claimed that the duo consumed contaminated drugs which were sold by a local peddler present at the party. Prior to consuming drugs they had also consumed alcohol which created a drug-cocktail overdose in their system causing death. The same was noticed in the death of Esha Mantry – a Bollywood costume designer who died in similar circumstances during an EDM music festival in Goa few years ago. The post-mortem report and blood and viscera analysis  in the Esha Mantry case is still to be made public nearly 3 years after the incident.

According to Anjuna police, the deceased, along with three other friends, had come here for the weekend.

The duo attended the party at Vagator beach in North Goa where drugs were consumed on Saturday night after which they felt uneasy, police said. It seems the drugs were

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drugs-kingpin-rocky-aka-shravan-singh-jodhpur-jaipurThey were rushed to a private hospital in Anjuna village near Panaji where they died yesterday, the official said.

The doctors suspect that the two men died of drug overdose. However, their postmortem reports are awaited to ascertain the exact cause of the death, he said.

While top Goa police officials are very well aware of the kingpin’s identity and whereabouts, they are reluctant to nab him and pin him down, because of his political connections or maybe because they get regular bribes from him. He is particularly close to a former Goa Cabinet Minister who was defeated in the recent Assembly elections and several senior Goa politicians and police officials are known to avail of his hospitality when they travel to other states.

He openly boasts of his “good contacts and friendship” with politicians and senior police officials in Goa and says no one can delete or block his escorts’ and call girl websites targeting tourists in Goa, Kerala and other tourist destinations in India as he pays huge bribes to top politicians and police officials.

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He openly claims that he supplies “girls” to Goan politicians and ‘ministers’ when they visit Mumbai or Delhi,

As per search engine results nearly 150 websites claim to operate ‘independent’ escort services in Goa alone, this apart from social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp messenger service and classified aggregators such as locanto and craigslist, besides others. The kingpin behind these online escorts, online dating call-girl services, etc is Jaipur and Jodhpur-based drug peddler code named Rocky alias Shravan Singh.

A Mumbai-based senior journalist Flynn Remedios,  who was tracking this inter-state drugs racket concerning supply of chemical drugs in Goa and “controlled” by Rocky was forcibly abducted from the posh Gaurav Towers (GT) area  of Jaipur and kidnapped at knife-point and brutally beaten up in the GT area by a gang of drug peddlers headed by Rocky in the Pink City last week.

Remedios had found out that this was the same gang which was operating an inter-state drug trafficking and call girl racket with operations in Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kolkata and was tracking them for evidence for his news story on sale of drugs in the coastal belt of Goa.

According to a Times of India report, illegal narcotic drugs are a multi-crore industry in Goa. Though no figures are available, those familiar with the scene say more than a kilogram of cocaine is sold every day in Goa. Drugs are the main attraction for the large number of party tourists who flock to Goa, who come because they can get it all in the state.

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