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Archana Galrani aka Sanjjanaa Galrani’s nude videos, pics from Dandupalya 2 leaked

South Indian actress Archana Galrani, who is better known by her stage name Sanjjanaa, is in the news and not for the right reasons. Sanjjanaa, who is essaying a key role in the controversial film ‘Dandupalaya 2’ which was released in Karnataka last week, had done a bold sequence in the film. But the scene was deleted from the final copy as the regional censor board refused to pass the film with it. Now, reportedly, Sanjjanaa’s nude video and stills have been leaked online, causing a huge uproar.

“Dandupalya 2” was released in Karnataka a week ago. Sanjjanaa, who has payed a key part in the film, apparently shed every one of her hindrances and acted released for a crucial sequence. The scene was erased from the last copy when the provincial censor board declined to pass the film. This deleted video cut and related nude pictures of Sanjjanaa are currently professedly turning into a web sensation on the online. Purportedly, this nude scene shows up in Dandupalya 2 when she confronts physical torture in jail.

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The actress, who made her film debut in the Tamil film Oru Kadhal Seiveer, shot to fame after her controversial role in the Kannada film Ganda Hendathi. She is quite known for her bold acting in front of the camera. In Dandupalya 2, too, Sanjjanaa, reportedly shed all her inhibitions and shot a nude for a critical sequence in the film. Reportedly, it appears in the film when she faces physical torture in prison.

Despite deleting her scene from the film, the deleted video clip and related nude pictures of the actress have gone viral. On asking Sanjjanaa about this viral video, in a statement to Public TV, she said that it is an unfortunate incident. She further adds, “We are figuring out who is behind the leak and will give a complete clarification once director Srinivasa Raju, who is in Hyderabad ahead of its Telugu release, returns to Bengaluru.”

The Kannada film, which is a sequel to 2012 movie Dandupalya that starred Pooja Gandhi in the lead, is doing really well at the box office just as the first one did. While we wonder, if this is a publicity stunt, the actress responds, “Dandupalya is already doing well. So, there is no need for such publicity. We shot something and I am seeing something else here.”

Ever since the film has been released, it has been followed by one controversy after another. The film is about a notorious gang from Dandupalya, a place located in rural Bengaluru, known for their hideous crimes. Reportedly, the third part of this film is slated to release later this year.

Sanjjanaa is known to Telugu audiences as the second female lead in Prabhas’ Bujjigadu. Afterward, she went ahead to play irrelevant roles in numerous Telugu movies. She is noted for her strength before camera. For the obscure, Sanjjanaa even made Mallika Sherawat’s unequivocal love making scenes look mediocre in the Kannada remake of the notorious suggestive thriller, ‘Murder’. She is yet to react to this nude video controversy.


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