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Arshi Khan expected to drop her towel in Bigg Boss 11, wearing only a skimpy bikini beneath? When will she do it, will it be be edited out?

Sources close to Team Arshi Khan (Team AK – @arshikofficial on Twitter) – the social media crack team headed by publicist and tech guru Flynn Remedios that is handling Arshi Khan’s digital PR campaign while she is in the Bigg Boss house, today revealed that Arshi Khan is expected to drop her towel any time soon.

While, Flynn Remedios refused to directly answer our question, our sources said that Arshi Khan had planned the stunt even before she went in to the Bigg Boss house.

Accordingly, Arshi Khan is expected to walk out of the pool, of course wearing a bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist to cover her modesty.

As she walks into the house, in full view of the cameras, she will “accidentally” pretend to drop the towel, revealing herself in nothing but a bikini on Prime Time Tv. 

Will EndemolShine India and Colors TV allow this footage to be shown during prime time? Will the incident be completely blacked out and cut by the editors?

Or will the Arshi Khan towel-bikini wardrobe malfunction only be seen online on Voot – the  digital video platform from Viacom18 that has been showing some “hot footage” of Bigg Boss 11? Only time will tell.

However, we know for certain, that the bikini-towel malfunction is one of the TRP garnering tricks that Arshi Khan has in her bag of goodies for her fans. When will she pull it out, Maybe when she is threatened with eviction or may be when she finds she is not getting enough screen time and mileage.

We learnt Arshi Khan’s digital team has knowledge of her tricks and is planning to ‘launch’ some appetizers or short video clips or vids to keep her ‘in the news’. 

Sources say Arshi Khan is trying her best to woo and stir up an affair with Hiten Tejwani.

Sharing the secret with indianexpress.com, “Arshi in a bid to win the task got close to Hiten and kissed him on his cheeks. She later went around the house telling everyone that she kissed Hiten.”

The entire incident left the man embarrassed and he was seen trying to avoid the eyes of the housemates, reports IE.

During the Raja Rani task, Arshi in a bid to prove herself the good queen had been using her charm to win the competition.

Arshi was seen giving a massage to Hiten so that he considered her the good queen.

While on a bid to outdo her, Shilpa decided to massage Hiten’s legs not knowing that Arshi will go ahead and kiss Hiten in order to prove herself a better queen.

Contestants Arshi Khan and Sapna Choudhary, who are not getting along well with with each other, yet again got into an ugly verbal spat.

It all started after Arshi told everyone that she desires to get married to Hiten in a grand wedding and become a royal queen.

Sapna, who was also sitting closely passed a nasty remark saying that a guy like Hiten will never marry her.

Arshi got irked and retaliated to her comment by calling her a ‘nachnewali’. All hell broke after this and both got into a fight.

Sapna then started irritating Arshi in a unique way. She followed Arshi wherever she went and poked fun at her by singing songs. Sapna also commented by saying that she doesn’t mind beating her up, if the situation arises.

Sapna is not the only person who is fuming with anger and wants to take a revenge on her. Arshi got into a fight with Mehjabi and the two end up shouting at each other.

How will Arshi deal with two new enemies Sapna and Mehjabi is something to watch out for.

Last week, Arshi was criticized by Salman Khan during the ‘weekend ka vaar’ episode for using foul language and behaviour on the show.

The lady tried her best to mend things with Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta and even apologized to Hina, reports TOI.

Mehjabi seems to be frustrated with Arshi’s behavior and picks a fight with her.

She goes on to say that Arshi is spreading dirt with her words and actions.

Amidst dire threats flying lose, Mehjabi warns Arshi to stay well within her limits or the repercussions will be grave.

Later in the day, the contestants from both teams work hard on the royal task to impress King Hiten.

Sabyasachi shows off his culinary knowledge by preparing exotic meals; while the ladies – Hina, Arshi, Shilpa and Jyoti massage Hiten through the day. Looks like Hiten is having his cake and eating it too…

Shilpa and Arshi were the queens and Hiten played the part of the king. The queens had to impress the king to earn the bricks for their task. It was Hiten’s responsibility to identify the good queen else he would lose his chance to fight for captaincy.

Hiten gave two points to Arshi’ team and one to Shilpa and failed to recognize the good queen hence losing his place in captaincy race. Soon the task ended with Arshi running the captaincy race along with her team.

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