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Arshi Khan finally comes clean, admits Shahid Afridi link up was only a ‘publicity stunt’

Controversial Indian model Arshi Khan who made several allegations against Pakistani cricketers in now a participant in the Indian reality show Bigg Boss Season 11 which airs on the channel Colors and is hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

In the latest episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, the contestants were asked to confess one dark secret of their life. And who would be the beholder of the dirtiest and deepest secrets in the house? Of course, Arshi Khan it is. You would get tired counting her controversies, but they wouldn’t end.

Apart from her prostitution diaries, one biggest controversy was when she claimed to be pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s baby. And now, when the contestants were given a task to confess the dark secret, she revealed that she was never pregnant with Afridi’s child.

Now the question is, why did she do that? Well, it was just a publicity stunt, she admits. She created this fuss just to be in limelight. Well, that’s nasty! Though, we are not shocked by this confession of hers.

Last year, she said that she was pregnant with Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi’s baby. She said she is three months pregnant and has medical and forensic evidence to prove that Shahid Afridi was the father of her unborn child. Later on she changed her statement and said it was a false alarm.

Arshi Khan claimed that she had medical and forensic evidence (including a torn, used condom – Ha, Ha, Ha) to prove that the baby she is carrying is none other than Afridi’s. She alleged to have saved the condom in the deep freezer when they had sex – as a token or remembrance of our love. “I did not know that I would get pregnant. Now the token of remembrance of our special day has become a token of proof for me,” Arshi Khan had jokingly told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN in 2015.

Now the drama queen has come clean and admitted that it was all a joke – something we knew from day one, but didn’t bother to say so.

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