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Arshi Khan moves HC against alleged “in-human” treatment of Pune Police

According to Arshi Khan’s advocate Samir Khan who spoke to a prominent news paper in Mumbai on Wednesday evening, the beleaguered model and actress has filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court against what her advocate termed alleged in-human and defamatory treatment by the Pune police.

Meanwhile, acting on a complaint by Arshi Khan’s lawyers, the Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) has issued notices to the Pune Police Commissioner, the Sr PI – Pune Crime Branch and an official of a Woman’s Rehab Home in Pune. While NHRC officials refused to officially confirm, sources said the notices were issued on Thursday afternoon. A lawyer speaking on behalf of Arshi Khan said that since the notices are not public yet, as they have been sent in sealed envelopes,  officials may not be willing to go on record in the matter. The NHRC is trying to ascertain facts of the case. Once they have the “say” of the police in the matter, both parties could be summoned officially, Arshi Khan’s lawyer told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

In a startling revelation which is bound to shock and shame the entire nation, Mumbai-based model and actress Arshi Khan today issued a statement through her publicist, spokesperson and media advisor Flynn Remedios, asserting that all the allegations against her made by unknown sources in the Pune Crime Branch department and illegally released to the media were totally false, concocted, fake and illegal.

The alleged incident happened two days ago and Arshi Khan was picked up by the police in the wee hours of yesterday illegally.

According to the written and signed press statement, Arshi Khan has claimed that she was in Pune on official work. According to Pune Mirror, a day after cops filed a case against small time model Arshi Khan, based in Mumbai, for escaping from a rescue home, she claimed that the police are now trying to save their skin by framing her. The model, who hails from Bhopal and has been staying in Mumbai for the last few years, said she was in Pune to meet a friend and stayed at hotel Aurora Towers in Camp under her own name.

Arshi’s publicist Flynn Remedios told Mirror that the cops who ‘raided’ the room demanded money from her and when she refused, sought sexual favours. “When she refused to give in, they sent her to a rescue home, where the caretaker physically abused her and tried to take away her belongings. Arshi had Rs 20,000 in cash in the bag and thus fought back. During the scuffle, she suffered bruises. A lady cop, who was posted at the rescue home, then abused Arshi, opened the gate and asked her to get out,” said Remedios. She met someone called Vipul, along with another person in her room. Arshi and her publicist will be meeting Pune police commissioner Rashmi Shukla on Thursday.

It was then that a team of policemen barged in. “They started beating Vipul and told Arshi that he was a known pimp. Later, they told her that his associate Krishna had promised her to a decoy client, essentially suggesting that she was in the flesh trade. Arshi vehemently denied any knowledge of all this and insisted that Vipul was there to meet her only for an event,” Remedios said.

The publicist claims that Arshi was taken to the police station where her bag was searched. “The cops found two Aadhaar cards and PAN cards, both with different dates of birth. She had changed her date of birth legally but the cops threatened to book her for forgery and demanded Rs 15 lakh. They asked her to turn approver against Vipul and Krishna, which she also refused. Next, another cop asked her for sexual favours,” alleged Remedios.

Early on Tuesday morning, the cops sent her to the rescue home in Wanowrie, from where she fled. The official line by the cops is that the model had come to Pune with her agent for prostitution when police raided the hotel. PI Sanjay Patil, in charge of the social security cell of Pune police, told Mirror, “We sent a decoy to the room and when we got the confirmation that she was indeed here for prostitution, we raided the room.”

In their complaint, cops stated that the agent identified as Vipul Dahal originally hails from Assam, but for the last few years has been staying at Wadgaonsheri. Once she escaped, a case was registered against the model at Wanowrie police station. Senior PI Sachin Sawant, in charge of Wanowrie police station, told Mirror, “Early on Tuesday, the gates of the rescue home were opened by the security guards and the staffers were cleaning. The woman saw an opportunity and managed to flee by pushing away the constables.”

Arshi’s publicist, however, claims that the lady cop on duty opened the gate and asked her to leave for creating a ruckus. “Arshi is being framed in all this. The cops are trying to save their skin. Why would she book a room in her own name if she was there to be part of flesh trade? Also, how did the cops send her to a rescue home without any court orders? There are way too many loopholes.” He added that they have already moved an application in the Pune magistrate court challenging the cops.

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