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Arshi Khan rebukes “friend” Shoaib Akhtar for stating that all matches between India and Pakistan must be cancelled till border unrest ends

Indian model and actress Arshi Khan who is currently facing a media controversy concerning her alleged links with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, rebuked her “friend” and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar for stating in Dubai that all matches between India and Pakistan must be cancelled till border unrest ends. While Shoaib Akhtar made this statement in Dubai, Arshi Khan who had just landed in Bhopal spoke to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN sports editor Prabhakar Prasad on the phone.

As PTI reported, the proposed bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan due to be held in the UAE later this year should be postponed until long-standing border unrest between the two countries ends, said former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar.

The UAE is scheduled to host three Tests, five ODIs and two Twenty20 matches between India and Pakistan in December. But the planned rubber is in serious doubt in the wake of recent diplomatic tensions between the two nations with the bilateral dialogue stalled after a spate of skirmishes on the border.

“Everybody knows to keep politics separate from sports. But unfortunately there’s a lot of unrest on the borders and it’s not right to play such a Test between the two countries at this time,” Akhtar, who was promoting the Sprite Cricket Stars tournament, said.

“However, I would encourage that, whenever the unrest settles and whenever India and Pakistan are ready to talk again at the highest level, cricket would be the perfect way to bridge relations.”

“They are still two of the best teams in the world and neither can avoid each other if you want to keep cricket interesting. You cannot ignore that the rarest of talent comes out of these countries and that people love to see them play against each other,” he said

Speaking to Prasad on the phone actress Arshi Khan clarified that she is NOT dating Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Arshi Khan said, “I am NOT dating Shahid Afridi. We met casually and that’s all. I am friends with so many cricketers that does not mean I am dating them. I know Shoaib Akhtar as well and we have been in touch on the phone, Facebook, chat, etc. But you can’t say that I am dating anyone. I am very much single. Yes, I consider Shahid Afridi a “good friend” and I am a great fan of his social work as well as his cricketing style. But we are not in any relationship. All the media reports are false. I did not stay with him in any hotel in Dubai. We met and just said ‘hi’. I have relatives in Dubai and I visit Dubai often, and we met in a public place in front of hundreds of other people. My friends and relatives were there too,” Arshi Khan told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

Arshi Khan took to the popular social networking site Twitter to clarify herself. Her official Twitter handle @ArshiKOff sent out several clarification messages today late evening and also tagged Shahid Afridi in the posts. Here are the messages that Arshi Khan sent out on Twitter today to clarify her position.

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