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Bigg Boss 11 inmate Zubair Khan attempts Suicide inside the house, makes Emergency Exit

Zubair Khan, one of the commoners of Bigg Boss 11 house has created ruckus since day one of the show Bigg Boss Season 11.

Zubair Khan, who falsely claimed to be Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law, got into an ugly fight with Puneesh Sharma on the first day of the show. It all started after Puneesh jumped into a fight and asked Zubair to mind his language in front of the female contestants of the house. 

What followed was a war of words with Zubair threatening Puneesh saying,”kaat dalunga”. That’s not all; Zubair also abused Arshi Khan and called her ‘2 Rs’ lady. He crossed all the limits to insult her in front of everyone.

Well, as earlier revealed, Salman Khan bashed Zubair left, right and center for his rude and violent behavior towards the housemates. The superstar warned Zubair and asked him to stop faking his identity, reports Business of Cinema.

That’s not all, what followed this will leave you in a shock. According to BOC, Zubair Khan consumed some pills in frustration and was immediately taken out of the house for medication and emergency treatment.

With Priyank Sharma being kicked out of the house for slapping Akash in a fight with Vikas Gupta, it means two people are out of the Bigg Boss house today.

Is it that Zubair Khan could not digest the bitter words of Salman Khan?

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