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BJP MLA Narendra Mehta’s brother Vinod, relative Rajnikanth Singh booked for destroying mangroves

BJP MLA Narendra Mehta’s younger brother Vinod and brother-in-law Rajnikanth Singh were booked by the Mira Road police for destroying mangroves last year.

A complaint was lodged when local activist Dhiraj Parab found two trucks disposing construction debris on a 3 acre mangrove patch near Kanakia Nagar Mira road. After that he informed the police about this and the two trucks were seized from the site.

Talking about this incident Parab said that a large patch of mangroves have been destroyed and disposed off on land which is owned by Narendra Mehta’s relative.

The Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has given clearance for construction of a club on this site. He also said that the Bombay high court has banned the destruction or cutting of mangroves state-wide and construction within 50m of them but still Mehta’s relatives got permission from the MBMC.

When asked about this incident police said that they are investigating the details of the case whether the land belongs to Vinod Mehta or Narendra Mehta or is government or collector land.

If there is any violation then police will take action against them, the cops said. BJP MLA Narendra Mehta who is always in the news for his misconduct and illegal activities in his defence said that the MBMC had given a clearance for construction in the area.

He also said that someone is trying to involve my family members in this incident while both of them Vinod and Rajnikanth have resigned from the company. They are not responsible for any dumping and the plot was not owned by his relatives, he claimed.

It is not that the first time that BJP corporators are in the news for misconduct and involvement in illegal activities in Mira-Bhayandar. This will be a big concern for the BJP ahead of Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) election 2017, now that they have parted ways with their alliance partner the Shiv Sena in the twin cities of Mira-Bhyandar.

The Mira-Bhyandar Citizens Action Forum (MBCAF), which is part of the Bharat Citizens Action Forum (BCAF) has called for strict action against such erring developers and builders who are carrying on illegal activity in the Mira-Bhyandar belt and demanded that the cops must act proactively in the matter. Even though six months have passed, no further action was taken either by the cops or the MBMC in this case, the MBCAF said.


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