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Goan Music, Food and Feni Festival “IndiaScribes.com Goa Exotica” to be held in November


According to sources, an exotic Goan Music, Food and Feni Festival IndiaScribes.com Goa Exotica – a domestic and international tourist attraction will be held at Panjim in North Goa during October-end or November. While complete details were not available at the time of writing, the organisers – news portal IndiaScribes.com confirmed that the festival is on the cards. “Yes we ...

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Drug biz in Goa slows down drastically but does not stop, demand falls due to clampdown on all-night parties


The drug trade and business in Goa has slowed down drastically over the last 7 days due to the crackdown in North Goa, but according to sources in the business, the bigger bosses have simply moved down towards South Goa or have shifted base to Kerala and Visakhapatnam for the time being. Some Nigerian peddlers from Goa have moved to Naya ...

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Parrikar plans to relocate Casinos to Mopa, send property rates soaring to help BJP make its new airport viable

BY DEVIKA SEQUIERA (THE WIRE) | Panaji: Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar recently made an announcement in the state’s legislative assembly: all offshore casinos would have to shift to land-based operations within three years if they wanted to continue doing business in Goa. The decision, long expected despite the stock denials, is what the big players in the casino industry had ...

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Goa to get Rs 200 crore from Centre for development, sprucing of beaches


The Central government has sanctioned more than Rs 1,200 crore for the development of beaches and rivers as tourists spots, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday. Replying to a query, Union Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma said that 11 projects, worth Rs 896.66 crore, have been sanctioned under the coastal circuit of the ‘Swadesh Darshan Scheme’ and four projects, costing ...

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Almost impossible to Move Casino MV Lucky 7 from its current spot, Ship could tilt or break and cause major Environmental damage

Marine-time experts and experienced salvagers have warned that the spot and location where the Casino vessel is stuck on the sandbar off the Miramar beach is a very tricky and dangerous location to salvage a ship the size of the MV Lucky 7, particularly in the monsoon season during very rough weather. IndiaScribes.com spoke to several experts from Mumbai who ...

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Was the Holy Spirit Church or Margao church designed and built according to an astronomical calculation?


Margao: Was the Margao church designed and built according to an astronomical calculation? The answer could be derived from the date, March 21 — vernal or spring equinox. At 6.15pm, beams of sunlight entered the three windows on the upper level of the church’s front façade, reports the Times of India, Goa. While the light beams that entered through the ...

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40 per cent fall in Charters, 55 per cent fall in Foreign Tourist Arrivals to Goa this year! Why?


JAN 17, 2015: Goa seems to have lost the preferred tourism destination status among Russians primarily as nearly 40,000 to 50k Russian tourists have cancelled their bookings for the state this season, as per industry statistics. Brits too are not very bullish about Goa this year and hundreds of Brits have further decided not to come to Goa next year. “I have understood that ...

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Tamil Nadu is India’s top choice for foreign tourists, Goa 9th, but does not figure among Top 10 spots for domestic tourists


  NEW DELHI: Tamil Nadu has bagged the top spot as the country’s most popular tourist destination among foreign and domestic tourists in 2016. Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the second most popular destination among domestic tourists and third in foreign tourist visits. For foreign tourists, Maharashtra is the second most popular choice, after Tamil Nadu. ALSO READ: Why Goa is no longer the ...

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Most Russian tourists dump Goa as it’s too expensive, too crowded, flock to Visakhapatnam


The beaches of Andhra Pradesh may soon surpass those in Goa with Russians. While Goa has been the preferred choice of destination for tourists coming in from abroad, even Russian tourists, efforts are being made to divert them to Visakhapatnam instead, by offering services and better value for money.. (Read more here…) Tourism authorities say that Russians are now preferring Vizag ...

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From over 2.61 lakh in ’13-14 to 1 lakh in ’16-17, Russian Tourists to Goa fall by 1.5 lakh over 3 years


May 9, 2017: According to a Herald report, with Russia lifting its travel ban on Turkey, 25 charter flights to Goa have been cancelled or diverted to Turkey. Russian tourists, who had become the mainstay of foreign tourist arrivals, are coming in lesser numbers with each passing year. From a figure of 2.61 lakh tourists in 2013-14, it slipped by a ...

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