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Designer Umair Zafar merges Bollywood with tradition at Lucknow

Bollywood fashion designer Umair Zafar launched his boutique at Lucknow recently. He also did an exclusive photo shoot of his Bridal Collection at the famous Dilkusha Gardens. The shoot was held during a Flower Show at the same venue.

Speaking to IndyaNewz.com in Lucknow during the photo shoot, designer Umair Zafar said there were various reasons for starting his fashion store in Lucknow. Lucknow is a very ancient city with a huge pool of traditional craftsmen with varying expertise in a myriad of crafts and arts. Various types of traditional embroidery, chikankari and other garment trades, designs and styles are practiced in Lucknow since times immemorial.

“There is so much variety here, so much to choose from,” says Umair Zafar. The second reason, explains Umair Zafar in a chat with IndyaNewz.com, is that even Lucknow has become a very trendy location for Bollywood film shoots and most producers want to shoot in and around Lucknow,” adding, “if any film industry people need my help for their shoots and garments or wardrobe for their shoots, they can contact my store in Lucknow.”

The store has a very skilled team headed by Umair Zafar who understands the requirements the film industry and the intricacies of costumes, clothing and garments specially at the eleventh hour for film and Tv shoots.  “My staff or if I am in Lucknow, we would love to help,” Umair Zafar told IndyaNewz.com.

Designer Umair Zafar comes from a traditional family of craftsmen and embroiders and both his parents – mother and father are involved in the trade. “My mother used to save money from her embroidery earnings to pay my school fees and ensured that I finished my diploma in fashion designing. I have a great attachment and affinity to traditional craftsmen and artisans, particularly in Lucknow.

On 1st March last year, Umair Zafar presented his  Chikankari Summer Collection 2014 at a glittering ceremony at the M B Club in Lucknow which was witnessed by over 2000 of the elite and Page 3 crowd in Lucknow, to promote various traditional crafts and enhance and encourage craftsmen and the karigar community which has suffered greatly due to neglect and the lack of promotion. Bollywood diva Rituparna Sen walked the ramp  for Umair Zafar and also distributed prizes and awards.

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