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Fashion Designer Umair Zafar promotes craftsmen and tailors at his fashion show

“The difference between style and fashion is quality” – Giorgio Armani

Here’s an all new look at fashion fused with style. Glamourous India presents the Fashionista Tour to Mumbai with the skillful designs of Mumbai based Bollywood fashion designer Umair Zafar to present a gala fashion event at Renaissance Federation Club.

Glamourous India, is one of the leaders in the Advertising and Internet Development Industry, simultaneously delivering creative and breakthrough strategies customized for each event. Whereas, Fashionista, the school of fashion technology is organising the fashion show.

In association with Mumbai based designer Umair Zafar, he is a celebrity faculty for Fashionista, as the school is planning to open up a center in Mumbai soon.

A few of the students from Fashionista will show case their designs at the show.

Delhi based designers like Kamal lakhwani will showcase his Men’s Wear collection, Khalid & Sheerin will also stun the ramp with their creative ensemble.

Umair Zafar says, “I consider it a social responsibility to give back to the society what I take from it.” We have had fashion events to support many noble causes but I realized that we forget to look inside our own homes. Our craftsmen are a very talented lot, but I guess they don’t get their worth. So I thought why not promote a cause close to home and to my heart.”

He further mentions all the troubles they go through. He says, “When the designs are shown at any event, it is the fashion designer who is in the limelight and the efforts of these craftsmen go unnoticed. Their efforts get neither the recognition nor the proper value that they deserve. It is time they were made to feel as special as they and their talent really are. As it is because f these extremely gifted people that we designers have become what we are. They play a major role in transforming our visions and our designs into the end product that is presented to the people….”

Umair has designed the grand finale for the show and is very exited about it. He says, “The whole show put together looks amazing. It has clothes for people from every genre. It’s got Bollywood, casual, haute couture and bridal collections.”

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