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Flesh trade, drugs flourishing at Ladies’ Bars & Dance Bars on M G Road, Borivali East 

BY FLYNN REMEDIOS: M G Road on Borivali East has become a hotbed for the flesh trade, illegal dance bars and drugs peddling over the last few months.

Over 12 dance and ladies bars operate in the area including Parkside, M Zone, Club 9, Charwar (Upper and Lower sections), Jashn, Utsav, Abhishek, Asha, Ashish, Sandesh and others.

There are also illegal hookah palours and massage palours that double up as sex joints on M G Road and surrounding areas.

“The people who manage and run these bars are notorious criminals with several cases pending against them including Vinod Singh (Parkside Bar, Abhisehk Bar and Charwar Bar), Mitesh Jadhav (Jashn), Rakesh Singh (Ashish), Anand Kotian (M Zone), Mahesh Shetty (Charwar), and others who have underworld connections,” says Kavita Salian of the Bharat Citizens Action Forum.


It is said that the Kasturba Marg Police Station under whose jurisdiction these stretch falls, earns about Rs 40 to 50 lakh per month from these bars in hafta and bribes.

The going rate for various officials in the area are as follows:

Senior PI (Rs 25,000 to 50,000 per bar), PIs (Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per bar), APIs and PSI (Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000) per bar and the head constables, beat constables and hawaldars are paid Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 per month on a fixed monthly package basis.

It is not surprising that the police are not interested in taking any permanent action against these several bars operating in one area. 

Police officials regularly, if not daily visit the bars for inspection, but as soon as the officer or police vehicle is spotted, the doorman presses a concealed switch which triggers an alarm and flashing lights of a particular colour in the inner dance floor area. 

The dancers quickly hide in a secret room or cavities within a few seconds and only the permitted number of waitresses  stay on the specially prepared and permitted stage area. The police official surveys the place and stays in the inner area for not more than two minutes and is gone as quickly as he came in. The flashing lights change colour and it is back to business for the dancers and waitresses as well as their clients.

In most cases, the inspecting police officer is clearly aware of the happenings in the bar, but gives the management enough time to conceal the dancers. 

While the rules stipulate that not more than 4 dancers or bar girls are allowed per bar, each of these bars house at least 15 to 20 girls. Each dancer is supposed to wear an identity card and must not come on the floor. 

As per the new rules and regulations, the ‘women’ are expected to be decently dressed and must wear an ID card. They are not allowed to be on the dance floor and  not more than 3-4 girls can be on the stage at any given time.

However, according to BCAF (Bharat Citizens Action Forum) activist  Kavita Salian (name changed), all these rules are flouted and dance bars and ladies bars have started doing brisk business and also openly offering ‘girls-on-hire’ for private dance and even sex.

The dance girls openly offer sexual services to the bar customers and all rules laid down by the High Court and the Supreme court are flouted and broken by these bars – Kavita Salian (BCAF)

An activist for the BCAF speaking to IndiaScribes.com said that several bars in Borivali, Dahisar and the western suburbs of Mumbai have started functioning with impunity, by bribing and hoodwinking police officials.

Salian who conducted a sting operation on these bars in the Borivali East area by posing as a bar dancer alleges that a huge prostitution racket is going on inside the ladies and dance bars in Borivali East on M G Road and the local police are either unaware of it or prefer to turn a blind eye towards the illegal activity because they are ‘taken good care of’ and paid regular monthly hafta.

“Each dance or ladies bar pays about Rs one to Rs three lakh in bribes each month to various police officials  and as long as there is no major trouble in the area, the police are more than happy to turn a blind eye to what goes on inside. “Bar girls are not only operating illegally inside the bars, but also soliciting and offering sex, and have also become conduits or go-betweens for drug peddlers and clients who frequent the bars prefer to deal with the bar girls when it comes to purchasing drugs rather than deal with a drug peddler,” alleges Salian of the BCAF.  

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