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Flynn Remedios, journalist, writer, editor, Techno-legal, Brand & Image Management consultant is one of India’s most prolific writers. With about 20,000 published articles in about 20 years, he has a record of sorts.

He is also a visiting lecturer at some prestigious institutions in India. Flynn Remedios is currently the Editor, Publisher and CEO of  several websites and portals including IndiaNewsNetwork.IN – a content and news syndication and general entertainment website as well as this site.

In a career spanning almost 25 years from 1991 , he has written on subjects like Technology (The Economic Times), Fashion and Lifestyle, Music, Movies, (Sunday Review of the Times of India) Markets and Finance (The Asian Age), Crime, Health, Education (The Free Press Journal), Politics (The Sunday Observer/Current Magazine), Environment (The Sunday Times of India) and for several more publications. His columns on Futuristics published online are a bit hit among geeks, nerds and techno freaks.

He is known as the original investigative journalist and sting-ops expert and investigative journalist. In the year 1996, his article on Where to buy an AK-47 in Mumbai published as a cover story in Island Magazine from the Magna Group created a furor among police and political circles.

This was before the advent of investigative television journalism in India. His in-depth investigative stories on Rave Parties (exposing a section of the film industry), child trafficking, Casting Couch and others got him as many bouquets as it did brickbats.

He has worked in varying capacities with various newspapers and magazines like the Times of India, The Economic Times, The Indian Express, The Sunday Observer, The Asian Age, The Free Press Journal, The Magna Group (Island magazine, Showtime, Savvy), The Blitz, The Daily, The Afternoon Dispatch & Courier, Current, etc., besides several other trade and niche publications.

He also contributes to dozens of portals, websites and specialized databases on selected topics.

He is also a cyber crime and techno-legal consultant and has assisted the Mumbai police (Crime Branch), the CBI and even the armed forces in tracking down hackers/crackers and other cyber criminals. He is also a cyber crime consultant to several financial institutions and banks in India and abroad.

Besides print journalism, he has worked with other organizations in Mumbai like Karrox Technologies Ltd (Head – Internet Security Division), Gurukulonline (Head – Mobile Internet Division) and IndiaOnline Network Ltd (Vice President – Technology and Projects)

He also runs two NGOs and is currently authoring two books – one on cyber crime and another on Para-normal phenomena.

He can be contacted at indiacribes.com AT gmail.com. For more contact details click here