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Fresh NBW arrests warrants issued against Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan by Lahore court in Pak flag case

A Lahore court today issued fresh non-bailable arrest warrants against Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan and Indian film director and producer Maneesh Singh for dishonoring and insulting the Pakistani flag, indiascribes.com reported today.

According to media reports from Pakistan, a complaint had been filed by a lawyer in the Lahore criminal court against Indian model and actress Arshi Khan for defaming the Pakistan national flag in April this year.

It seems the lawyer Anees Ali Baig had first approached the local police station and filed a complaint against Arshi Khan, director Maneesh Singh and a photographer for circulating the images. However, the police station did not register the complaint, as all the concerned parties are not citizens of Pakistan and are based in Mumbai.

The police asked Baig to approach the court for issuance of a warrant against Arshi Khan and the others who are named as accused persons in the case.  

Senior journalist and Arshi Khan’s publicist Flynn Remedios is also named an accused in the case, according to Baig who spoke to Pakistani reporters in Lahore.

But Remedios’ name was dropped today by Baig who made a fresh application for an arrest warrant against Arshi Khan. While issuing the fresh NBW warrants the court held that a journalist or publicist is just doing his duty by reporting about the incidents and is not criminally culpable for the acts or a third person. According to IndiaScribes.com, the court taking cognizance of the criminality involved noted that insulting the Pakistan flag was insulting the nation and directed the Ministry of Interior to co-ordinate with the Indian High Commission to ensure execution of the warrants.

Speaking to news persons in Mumbai, Flynn Remedios said his lawyers had written to the court expressing his inability to attend the proceedings. They also explained to the court that as a spokesperson and editor of several news sites, Remedios was only disseminating information of an incident that was beyond his control and had happened in his absence.

It may be recalled that after painting the Indian and Pakistan flags on her bare, semi-nude back last year during the 20-20 World cup, Arshi Khan who plays the main lead in director Maneesh Singh’s film “Green Terror” reportedly posed with a Pakistani flag painted on her bust and crotch in a poster shoot for the film in November last year.

Some photographs which were leaked reportedly by a photographer, show Arshi Khan posing with the Pakistani flag painted on her bikini – both on her bust and crotch and her bare bosom and back.
According to sources, while the leaked photographs which first appeared on Facebook depict Arshi Khan in a bikini, our sources tell us that Arshi Khan has posed completely nude for the same film. She plays a female terrorist who is used by her handlers in Pak to seduce Indian military officials and leak out sensitive information about military assets in North India.
Chennai and Mumbai-based director and producer Maneesh Singh refused to comment on the subject. Please ask Arshi Khan about the photos, he said, adding that they did shoot a controversial poster for his film “Green Terror” but he does not know from where the current photographs have appeared. While the photographs which have appeared on Facebook seem to be edited, the uncensored images can be seen below.

Last year, Singh announced a film with controversial Pakistani model – the late Qandeel Baloch – who he claimed was his ‘good friend’. But the film was shelved following the Uri attacks and after the Pakistangovernment denied Singh and his team permission to shoot in Pakistan.

Talking about his ties with Baloch, he said that they used to speak via telephone 2-3 time in a month andalso spoke to each other just before her death. We were very close to each other for over 18 months, he added.
“We were discussing a film project and if she could visit India to shoot the film or settle in Mumbai,” Maneesh Singh had told reporters at that time.
According to media reports the film  named “Ghairat” – referring to the word honor in English – was supposed to feature the issue of honour killing in both Pakistan and India. 

In an interview, Singh had said: “I will soon file a formal request with the Pakistani government to get permission to shoot the film in her native village in Pakistan,” further adding that Qandeel was a revolutionary girl. 

Maneesh Singh is associated with Frank Franklyn Films, Vision Telefilms and Vrindaavan Films as director and co-producer and is currently working on four Tamil film projects – Razia, Haider and the Tiger of Mysore. His Bollywood projects include College Khiladis and Crimson Khaki, which were postponed after the director met with a serious accident at Alwar earlier this year in January.

According to our sources, the leaked photographs are “trial shots” or reference photos which were junked or discarded after being shot for the initial poster of Maneesh Singh’s film Green Terror. Arshi Khan was not available for comment as she is ensconced in the Bigg Boss house.

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