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GCAF lists out shacks, pubs and clubs where drugs are allegedly sold in North Goa

Alleging that coastal-belt police stations like Anjuna, Calangute etc., earn Rs 5 to 8 lakh a month in ‘haftas’ from the drug trade alone, the Goa Citizens Action Forum (GCAF) has demanded the suspension and arrest of police officials from the Anjuna police station who permitted the illegal drug peddling in their jurisdiction all these years.

“Anjuna Police Station officials must be made equally responsible and culpable along with the shack owners and peddlers for the availability of drugs in the area as well as for the deaths of the youth. In spite of the media hype and politicians making public statements on TV concerning the death of the youth over the weekend, how were drugs still found in the area? It obviously means the staff had the protection of officials from the Anjuna police station who would tip the drug peddlers in advance if there was a raid. However, since the SP (North) under tremendous political and media pressure decided to conduct surprise secret raids, the Anjuna police  were not able to tip off the peddlers.


Firoz A Khan of GCAF lists out venues where drugs are sold in Goa

Why selectively target and arrest owners of one or two places, asks Firoz A Khan of the GCAF referring to the arrest of Edwin Nunes, owner of Curlies shack and Rohan Shetty of Club Nyex?

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“Not just residents, even dogs and cats in Anjuna and Vagator know that drugs are available at shacks like Shiva Valley, Hilltop, Nine Bar, Sea Horse, Cafe Lilliput, UV Bar at Anjuna, Copa Cubana at Arpora and Sinq Night Club at Candolim. Even the owners and operators of these venues are aware of this fact, but either turn a blind eye to the crime or are partners in the profits and spoils,” Khan said adding that 2-3 places at Baga were notorious for selling drugs on their premises in the past, but have stopped the activity after police pressure.

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Lui Cafe and Paradiso Club – run by Nandan Kudchadkar, an aide to former Congress MP from South Goa Francisco Sardinha – was also on the radar in the past.  Nine Bar, is also notorious for drug-laced night-long rave parties and it is a known fact that the staff at Nine Bar sell drugs to patrons, Firoz A Khan of the GCAF said in an interview to IndiaScribes.com Editor Flynn Remedios.

Every month all over Goa about Rs 20 to Rs 30 lakh are paid in bribes to police, senior government officials and hoteliers to facilitate the drug trade in Goa, alleges the GCAF.

Firoz A Khan of the GCAF in an interview to IndiaScribes.com Editor Flynn Remedios alleged that the whole of Goa knows that drugs are sold by the staff and waiters at places like Hilltop, Curlies, Club Nyex, Shiva Valley,etc. Do the Goa police claim they are unaware of the same? Why has the Goa government, the Goa police and the local Goa media kept quiet for so long. Or is it that they are hand in glove with each other, each one getting a piece of the pie from the drugs sale. Waiters and cleaners at Hilltop, Curlies, Club Nyex, Shiva Valley, Sea Horse, Nine Bar, Club Cubana and several other places at Arpora, Vagator, Candolim, Baga and Calangute sell drugs to patrons. This goes on with the full-knowledge and approval of the owners of these venues, Khan said.

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If guests and patrons who come from outside Goa – from places like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc., know which waiter is selling drugs at the venue, why are the cops, the government and the local media ignorant of the same. Why no sting operations or secret ops conducted by the police for so long, Khan demanded.

Charas, Ganja, LSD and other party drugs are easily available in Goa throughout the year, Khan said.

During the peak tourism season of December to January, the ‘bribe’ collection can go up to Rs 10 lakh per police station, claims the GCAF, alleging that over Rs 1 crore worth of drugs are sold in Goa in the coastal areas each month during the peak tourist season. The CM and the police are fully aware of this, yet no action has been taken for so long, the GCAF said.

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Owners of two popular beach shacks in North Goa’s Anjuna village were arrested on Tuesday after a police raid found waiters and patrons at the establishments in possession of drugs, said police.

Superintendent of Police (North Goa) Chandan Choudhury confirmed the arrests of Edwin Nunes, owner of Curlies shack, and Rohan Shetty of Club Nyex — both cafes located in Anjuna on the beach.

“They have been arrested under Section 25 of the Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,” the police officer said, adding that waiters at the Curlies shack were also found with drugs.

The waiters under interrogation said they were working on the instructions of their owner and hence the police placed the owners under arrest.

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