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Manohar Ajgaonkar

Goa to be developed as Music Festival Destination: Manohar Ajgaonkar

On eve of World Music Day, Goa Minister for Tourism Manohar Ajgaonkar today unveiled plans of formulating various schemes through the Department of Tourism to promote the spirit and gift of music in all forms through music festivals in the state.

In a statement here, he said, “Another reason that draws tourists to Goa is music and I will strive to make Goa a Music Festival Destination.”

He pointed out that the state government has proposed toidentify special zones for conduct of late night music festivals,which will not inconvenience the locals and such festivals areproposed to be held upholding all rules and laws of the land.

Mr Ajgaonkar greeted musicians of Goa whose music resonatedon all platforms and recalled memories of musicians from theyesteryears who contributed immensely to Goa through theirmelodies.

Music legends like Dinanath Mangeshkar, Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki, Mogubai Kurdikar, Lorna, Kishori Amonkar, M Boyer, Alfred Rose, Rita Rose, Emiliano Da Cruz, Anthony Gonsalves, Sonia Sirsat, Hema Sardesai, Selwyn Menezes, Zezinho Fernandes, Colin D’Cruz, Oliver Sean and many more have brought name and fame to Goa and placed Goa high on the world music map.

He also remembered Goyem Shahir late Ulhas Buyao, whose birth anniversary is coincidentally on World Music Day.

Goa is one of India’s leading music cities and music genresof various forms ranging from Western, Indian, classical, jazz,pop, rock, electronic dance music, traditional, liturgical,orchestras etc are found here. Musical instruments like the dhol,ghumot, mandolin, traditional songs like the mando, dhalo,dulpod, fugdi, etc are very popular and continue to be played andsung during festivities and celebrations.

Music is also part of the theatre art forms like Tiatr andSangeet Natak.

Songs in Konkani, Marathi, Portuguese, Hindi and Englishhave caught on with the youth in Goa and are played extensivelyduring weddings and other celebrations.

Goa is a land and home to several music events from Indiaand abroad — be it light music festivals, jazz festivals,electronic dance music festivals and festivals promoting musicfrom across the globe.

Several music studios have also been set up and musicrecordings are done in Goa for leading music producers as well.

Considering the fact that music run deep in the blood of Goans, Mr Ajgaonkar urged parents to encourage their children to take to music, in an exercise to keep Goa’s traditional culture alive for posterity.

He also complimented music lovers of Goa for supporting and keeping the musical identity of Goa alive.





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