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Gossip and Masala News Disclaimer

Gossip / Masala News / Heard on the Street

All posts, news, content, images, etc., under the heading or tag or category or section gossip, gupshup, masala, masala news, or heard on the street is purely as it is – plain and simple unverified gossip. This content is not verified by IndiaScribes Editorial team and is published from other websites or online sources or based on viral SMS or WhatsApp messages or Facebook posts and such “hearsay”.

While we do not claim that this news is “fake” or “false” we do not editorially endorse it or subscribe to the claims made in such posts as the same are not independently verified by our team.

In this time and age of Facebook and internet journalism particularly in segments like films, entertainment, page 3, celeb life and even concerning Financial or Business deals (Heard on the Street), news develops and changes at a very fast pace. Hence, when we are not able to verify such data, we post in under the above-mentioned sections.

Readers and viewers are advised to take such inputs with a pinch of salt and keep in mind that such inputs or posts are primarily for light entertainment  purpose only.


Viral & 18+ Content Disclaimer:


Please note that by viewing or accessing content or articles or images or videos on this tab/tag/category (Viral Content, 18+ content, Viral News), you have chosen to consciously view the said content and  as a pre-condition to viewing this content agree that you are not offended by the same.

The Editor, Publisher & Editorial team of IndiaScribes.com takes no responsibility for the veracity and authenticity of articles, images or content published through this account/user ID or this section. You are instructed to independently verify any claims made in the above published article/image before taking any action on the same. VIRAL CONTENT as the name suggests is mostly copied as “popular content” from various internet sources and MUST BE TAKEN WITH A PINCH OF SALT in a lighter vein. It could contain satire or 18+ content or both.

These are not serious news articles. Such content is published as is and may be only edited partially for grammatical errors or language. Some of it may be part of FAKING NEWS or SATIRE and is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any individual or group of individuals and is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. You are instructed not to take VIRAL CONTENT seriously as most of it may be only partially true.



You can contact us on indiascribes.com AT gmail.com for editorial purpose. For any editorial complaints or grievances please write to us at editor.indiascribes.com AT gmail.com. Press Releases may be sent to mypressreleases AT gmail.com.



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