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How Nilesh Cabral’s version of Francis Pereira’s statements completely differs from Parrikar’s

BY FLYNN REMEDIOS: According to some media reports, it was Manohar Parrikar who first informed media persons in Goa that the arrested accused in the serial desecration of religious symbols in Goa case did it because he “wanted to free the trapped souls in the structures, graves and crosses”, blah.. blah.. blah…

Reports stated that this remark was apparently first made by the accused to CM Parrikar and it was Parrikar’s explanation or version or hearsay (as told to him by the arrested accused) which was given out to the media on Saturday.

In the same earlier reports, the police were cautious and did not make any statements and only stated that they have to interrogate the accused to find out the exact reasons, but, by then the online, social and electronic media had gone to town with the version that was first put out by Parrikar.

Taking the clue from Parrikar, after some time, SP (South) Arvind Gawas also used the term “one man squad” for Francis Pereira, trying to pin all the desecrations on him. (Read Here)

One wonders as to why Parrikar was acting as the spokesperson or mouthpiece for the accused, or was he putting words into the accused’s mouth – for the media to devour?

Why was the CM in such a tearing hurry (without proper police interrogation and verification) to brief the media on why and who or what the arrested accused was, his motives and reasons behind his criminal acts, when just 12 hours earlier he himself had cautioned and told his Dy Speaker Michael Lobo to have patience and give the Goa police a chance, while at the same time ruling out a CBI inquiry. (Read Here)

Was the entire exercise stage managed? As the Goa Church fact-finding team has also mentioned in their official press release sent to the media on Saturday evening, (Read Here) the arrest was made to pacify the public and the opposition.

Consider these facts: As we all know, just one day before, on Friday, Parrikar landed in Goa – he was out of the country when the biggest desecration of all happened at the Guardian Angel Cemetery in Curchorem where about 40-50 structures were damaged –  and on Friday evening, Parrikar and the police top brass told media persons that the entire desecrations case was a well-planned attack involving many persons (Read Here) and the police need time to crack and detect the organised criminals and masterminds behind the case.

Within less than 12 hours after Parrikar made this statement, the police had their “main accused” and Parrikar was apparently acting as the accused person’s spokesperson, allegedly giving his (Parrikar’s) take on why Francis Pereira did what he did.

Why did Parrikar change his statement and stance (Read Here) from organised, well-planned crime to “solo act” and “one man show” in less than 24 hours?

Is it because the police got a “fall guy” and Parrikar wanted to prove to the opposition party as well as his own MLAs (Read Here) like Alina, Lobo and Cabral who were holding him by the collar (as he held the Home Ministry and was responsible for the police and law and order in the state) or was it because he wanted to clear the matter before the Monsoon session of the Goa Assembly began on 18th July?

Now according to this Times of India report about 12 hours later after Parrikar made his first statements to the media, BJP MLA Nilesh Cabral who also spoke to the accused Francis Pereira has a different version to offer.

We wonder how the accused  who was arrested for a serious crime was giving Parrikar a different version and Cabral another story all-together?

Besides, according to TV footage which has gone viral on social media, the arrested accused was laughing and chatting with the cops as though he was the director of a great Bollywood film – “Golmaal in Goa” and the cops were his assistants or ‘spot boys’.

Is the accused plain insane and of unsound mind (Cabral’s version also collaborates this) or was he fully aware that he was just playing a part in the scripted “TV reality show” titled Desecrations in Goa“?

Was Francis Pereira arrested to divert the attention of the real criminals so that they may relax their guard and land into the police net, or was he arrested only – as the Church fact-finding team said (Read Here) – to pacify the people or both. Or is there a cover up at play to protect the real criminals?

Here is the Times of India report, where Nilesh Cabral gives a different take:

After police made the first arrest in connection to the desecration of religious structures in the state, Curchorem BJP MLA Nilesh Cabral and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) traded barbs over the accused Francis Pereira’s political affiliations.

Speaking to the media after he was arrested, Cabral, whose constituency was among the worst hit with multiple crosses and graves being desecrated, said that the accused was an active AAP member.

“Unfortunately, the person who has been arrested is from my own constituency and his history is now known to everyone. He was very much active with AAP during the state assembly elections and had actively campaigned for them. The same vehicle which he used during polls was being used for desecrations. I have asked the police to look into all angles into this case. Pereira told me that he was upset with Goa Forward supporting BJP and did these desecrations to put the BJP in a bad light,” Cabral said, adding that the accused had desecrated religious structures of Muslim, Christians and Hindus alike to flare communal tensions.

Cabral also urged people to be wary of rumors that are currently being circulated on social media platforms.

“There are all sorts of reactions that are going on in social media. I would like to clarify that I know the accused personally as he had shot a person with an air gun previously. He has temper issues,” he said, reports TOI.

No where in his statements to the media, as quoted by TOI does Nilesh Cabral repeat the by now famous “free the souls trapped in symbols and religious structures” humbug.
Did Francis Pereira give Nilesh Cabral a different story from what he gave Parrikar?
Let’s see what he says when he is produced in court today…. read IndiaScribes.com for more…


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