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India Scribes launches #It’sMyCross campaign on FB to protest Goa desecrations

India Scribes (IndiaScribes.com) – a news portal with a geographical focus on the tourist state of Goa, has launched a unique, innovative and creative form of protest to demonstrate against the communal elements who have been desecrating crosses and other religious symbols in Goa.

Over the last one month nearly 11 crosses have been damaged or vandalized and in one incident nearly 100 religious symbols were desecrated at the Guardian Angel Cemetery in Goa. The police till date have been unsuccessful in nailing any culprits and the acts are carried out under the cover of darkness between 3 to 4 am.

To protest against the happenings in Goa, defeat the dastardly intentions of communal forces and express solidarity with the Catholic community in Goa, India Scribes has invited people of all faiths and religions to change their Facebook and WhatsApp DPs (display profile picture) to that of a cross for at least 2 days or 48 hours, with the letters #It’sMyCross like the one in the image below:


There is no limit to how long you can hold the DP picture. Those who wish to continue the protest can continue to hold the DP images for a week.

According to a spokesperson for India Scribes, you can either download the image above (and below) and use it as your DP or make your own image. The image must have the words #It’sMyCross with along with the image of a cross.

India Scribes has appealed to people of all communities in Goa including Hindus and Muslims to support this campaign and defeat the vested interests and communal elements who are trying to destroy the peace and harmony in Goa.

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