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Is May I Come in Madam’s Sapna Sikarwar heading for a divorce?

How many of you know that actress Sapna Sikarwar, who plays the role of Kashmira in popular comedy show “May I Come in Madam?”,  has been married for the last 11 or 12 years.

According to an exclusive by IndiaScribes.com Editor – Investigations, Flynn Remedios, Sapna who managed to keep her marriage almost secret all this while – she did of course share some intimate images of her 11th marriage anniversary on Instagram – may be headed for a divorce.

According to a Times of India report, at 33 (now 34), Sapna Sikarwar had gone back to school with her five-year-old (now six) daughter. The maa-beti team has enrolled themselves in an English coaching class. Sapna, currently seen in ‘May I Come in Madam?’, hails from a small town, Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh). Though an achiever in academics and sports, she has always lacked the confidence to speak English.

She says, “Conversing in English has always caused me stress. It becomes all the more difficult during public appearances. A tutor comes thrice a week to teach me and my daughter. I want to feel confident, and it was my daughter who insisted that I join the class.”

Says a source who knows Sapna for the last 12 years: Initially, Sapna Sikarwar was very secretive about her marriage and did not want to reveal it to everyone. According to IndiaScribes.com , in fact, in the year 2009, Sapna who was comparatively new in Mumbai was signed on for a film by a local production house, when suddenly one fine day she realized she was pregnant. Her director and producer were shocked and told her that there was no way she could have the baby as she was signed on for a main lead role.

From the start itself, Sapna had shared details of her marriage with her producer and confided in him that she did not want it to become public as it could hamper her fledgling career. In fact at that time, Sapna who was struggling to make ends meet in Mumbai was not even sure she wanted to carry on with her marriage, reports IndiaScribes.com.

Not many producers in Bollywood would want to consider a married fresher with no prior experience. The producer decided to sign her on in spite of knowing that she was married, but was shocked when she broke the news that she was pregnant, reports IndiaScribes.com.

Sapna chose motherhood and decided to also save her marriage at that time and shifted to Ratlam (her native place) to have her baby.

She however came back to Mumbai after a couple of years and continued to pursue her acting career.


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