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Jaipur-based pimp and drug peddler ‘Rocky’ aka Rocky Shravan Singh is Goa drugs, escort racket kingpin

A drug peddler operating primarily in Jaipur and Jodhpur who runs an inter-state drug trafficking racket in Rajasthan with business running annually into several hundred crores, is the kingpin and mastermind behind all the online escorts, call girl and flesh trade rackets run via the internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and online platforms in Goa – both North and South Goa coastal belts.

While top Goa police officials are very well aware of his identity and whereabouts, they are reluctant to nab him and pin him down, because of his political connections or maybe because they get regular bribes from him. He is particularly close to a former Goa Cabinet Minister who was defeated in the recent Assembly elections and several senior Goa politicians and police officials are known to avail of his hospitality when they travel to other states.

He openly boasts of his “good contacts and friendship” with politicians and senior police officials in Goa and says no one can delete or block his escorts’ and call girl websites targeting tourists in Goa, Kerala and other tourist destinations in India as he pays huge bribes to top politicians and police officials.

He openly claims that he supplies “girls” to Goan politicians and ‘ministers’ when they visit Mumbai or Delhi,

As per search engine results nearly 150 websites claim to operate ‘independent’ escort services in Goa alone, this apart from social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp messenger service and classified aggregators such as locanto and craigslist, besides others. The kingpin behind these online escorts, online dating call-girl services, etc is Jaipur and Jodhpur-based drug peddler code named Rocky alias Shravan Singh.

A Mumbai-based senior journalist Flynn Remedios,  who was tracking this inter-state drugs racket “controlled” by the kingpin Rocky was forcibly abducted from the posh Gaurav Towers (GT) area  of Jaipur and kidnapped at knife-point and brutally beaten up 5 days ago in the GT area by a gang of drug peddlers headed by Rocky in the Pink City last week. Remedios had found out that this was the same gang which was operating an inter-state drug trafficking and call girl racket with operations in Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kolkata and was tracking them for evidence for his news story.

The kidnappers forcibly took him in their SUV after threatening him with knives and iron rods to a deserted ground in the vicinity and started assaulting him from both sides of the vehicle with steel baseball bats. He was forcibly detained inside the SUV on the middle seat and assaulted from two sides as well as from the front seat.


He was saved in the nick of time when some people in the vicinity who saw the commotion in a deserted open ground where the drug peddlers parked  the SUV, called the cops.

A PCR van reached the spot and rescued Remedios, but let his assailants go free after noting down some details. “They let them (the attackers) go after making me sign on a piece of paper. I was bleeding profusely and was worried I would loose consciousness due to the huge loss of blood,” Remedios told this website.


5 days after the incident, no FIR has been filed. The journalist has accused the Vasundhara Raje-led BJP Government in Rajasthan of protecting the Jaipur drug peddlers and said that the drug peddlers who held him captive for about one hour inside their SUV boasted that they knew every police officer in Jaipur and that nobody could touch them. Instead of registering an FIR when Remedios was bleeding profusely with blood dripping from his injuries, and visibly injured very badly, the cops started questioning him as to what was he doing in Jaipur and with whom was he staying. The cops began to counter question him as to why was he sharing a room with a female colleague, and why did he not book a separate room in the hotel where he was staying. 

Explains Remedios, “I was visiting Jaipur but was also working on a few news stories. My friends put me up in a hotel at their cost and I was sharing a room, as I could not afford to pay for my own room in an expensive area. The police instead of taking me to a hospital to treat my wounds, began to ask me, why didn’t I book my own room and why was I sharing a room – something that they are not at all concerned with. I had “

He has alleged that even after the PCR van reached the spot where they were brutally assaulting him, the peddlers threatened him before the cops not to complain or they would chop of his head in front of the police.

The drug peddlers who had kidnapped him were armed with knives, iron rods and steel baseball bats and had made up their mind to kill him, Remedios said.


Remedios later told media persons on phone, that the PCR van dropped him to his hotel as he first wanted to get his wounds treated. He said he had realized that the cops were hand-in-glove with the drug peddlers  based on the way the cops were talking to them and he would not get justice in Jaipur.

“This was a case of kidnapping and attempt to murder, and the cops were talking to them as though they were diplomatic officials from the UN, in spite of recovering the blood stained steel baseball bat, the knife and some drugs from their vehicle. My clothes were drenched in blood and there was blood all over their vehicle on the middle seat. It is very clear, I was being assaulted, but the cops did not take it seriously and let them off.” He was also threatened by the goons in front of the cops, not to go to the police again and leave Jaipur immediately, he said.

According to a report in the Herald, for nearly a year now, the Goa government is awaiting feedback the Ministry in
New Delhi on blocking of URLs and social media pages and handles that offer escort services via the internet in Goa.

The Cyber Crime Cell of Goa police had in 2016 written to the State IT Department requesting to block around 100 escort services websites, which are frequently used to induce potential clients. The Cell concedes that these agencies provide escorts for clients, usually for sexual services.”It’s fact that social media and internet has been misused by nefarious elements since its inception and it is well established that if there are advantages then there are disadvantages too, says the Herald report.

Says the Herald report: one of the biggest disadvantages is when criminals use the anonymity given by internet to proliferate their anti-social and criminal activities,” Crime Branch SP Priyanka Kashyap told Herald. The CB sleuths beside police stations, have conducted over a dozen raids in the recent past, in a bid to crack down on the thriving online prostitution racket. “CB has been taking action against prostitution by conducting raids and booking cases against trafficking and prostitution, regularly,” she added. Taking steps to root out illegal activity, the CC sleuths approached the State IT department to ensure blocking of the sites. “We had found around 100 active sites hosting such illegal activities.  We had then written to the IT department for action,” Kashyap, former SP of the tourist popular North District, told Herald.

A proposal, IT official disclosed to HERALD, was soon sent to the ministry but there has not been any feedback as on date. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are also being misused by the escort service agencies to hook up clients. HERALD had recently exposed how the micro-blogging site is blatantly misused for this illicit business. A number of Twitter handles are created with offensive posts and pictures of girls.

Ironically, many handles have thousands of followers and these tweets are retweeted and liked by hundreds at a time. Most of these suggestive profiles are now under the scanner of the Goa police. One of these -@NorthGoaEscorts reads, “Incall & Outcall Female Escort Service Agency in North Goa. High Class Incall & Outcall Female Escorts in North Goa. Russian Escort Girls in North Goa.”

The origin and from where the activity is being operated are now to be investigated by CB as the department took cognizance of the news report. DGP Muktesh Chander and SP Kashyap have confirmed the development.  The Cyber Cell will again approach the concerned departments to block such handles. “Solicitation in public places is a crime under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act,” said an official. The Centre had till last year blocked nearly 200 offensive sites based on recommendations from the concerned authorities of different states.

Here are some of the twitter handles: Goa Russian Escorts with twitter handle @GoaRussian, Goa Female Escorts (@GoaFemale), North Goa Escorts (@NorthGoaEscorts), South Goa Escorts (@SgoaescortsGoa), Calangute Goa Escort (@CalanguteE), etc. reports Herald.

These are just a few of such twitter accounts and most of the tweets are supported by photos of girls, and offering escort services.

The tweets have been getting bulk retweets and likes, and also many followers, says Herald.

One of these tweets @BogmaloSouthGoa states, “Creatures of the night – (name of the girl) is available for in call and out-call all over South Goa and she provides the best GFE.”

A tweet, posted recently by @NorthGoaEscorts speaks of a woman living in Goa without travel documents. “(1/2)One of our Bardez escorts was born and raised in Tanzania but when came to Goa, she lost her passport, her visa and she had to” the post ends with a three-part continuation that reads, “stay in here for weeks and to make a living she contacted us and after looking at her personality, her stunning body and pretty face, we instantly decided to recruit her. After only working with us for a week, she decided to settle here forever and she has been living here and working with us ever since. She welcomes you with open arms and something else. She is always more than happy to meet you.”

The posts have drawn condemnation from Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo and Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG). “Their main source, origin, etc needs to be found out. The police needs to crackdown on the illegal activities. It seems to be a big racket,” Lobo, also Calangute MLA said. He is expected to meet Crime Branch officials in this regard, reports Herald.

TTAG President Savio Messias has also called for a quick crackdown on the tweets stating, “It’s wrong to misuse any system to promote and flourish illegal trade. Government and police need to clampdown on this. People should not take undue advantage to tarnish Goa’s image,” he said.

Finding the authenticity of the tweets, their origin and the identity of the account holders is the job of  the law enforcement agencies.

Director General of Police Dr Muktesh Chander, under whom the police department has cracked down on many online prostitution rackets said, “Cracking down on prostitution racket, operating through any medium, is a continuous process. We will not tolerate such illicit activities in Goa.”

with inputs from Herald

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