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MBMC Poll Gossip: Ward No 5, BJP Candidate Meghna D Rawal’s Rs 3 crore BJP ticket?

BY MIRA BHAYANDARWALLA: We were on our visit to several candidates today in the Mira-Bhayandar area where campaigning for the MBMC elections is in full swing.

During election time, all skeletons come rumbling out of the closets. Today, several candidates told us how the BJP candidate from Ward No 5, Meghna D Rawal paid Rs 3 crore to get a ticket.

Now we are not sure if Rawal actually paid this amount, but this is what we heard from several candidates from different parties, including one candidate from the BJP unit itself.

A BJP party worker boasted to Mira Bhayandarwalla that BJP MLA Narendra Mehta had demanded Rs 5 crore for the ticket, which was later on settled for Rs 3 crore. He also claimed that Narendra bhai has kept some of the money for himself and shared the rest of the cash between other “poor BJP candidates” to support them in their election expenses.

However, we wonder what election expenses he was talking about, as none of the candidates whom we visited from different parties even offered us a glass of water – forget about a cup of tea – though it was raining and a hot cuppa chai would have really helped.

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