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MBMC Polls: BJP MLA Narendra Mehta’s alleged extra-marital affairs are the talk of the town

BY DANNY FERNANDES | Mira Bhayandar: While all political parties in the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation are gearing up for election day on August 20th, the rival camps – be it the Shiv Sena, the Congress, the NCP or even other smaller parties and independent candidates are all gossiping about BJP strongman Narendra Mehta’s alleged extra-marital affairs.

When rival candidates in Mira-Bhayandar are tired of discussing Mehta’s corruption, land-grabbing, extortion and dadagiri, the last but not least topic that comes up at different Prachar Karyalayas all over in Mira Bhayandar is about Narendra Mehta’s alleged extra- marital affairs.

And from what we have heard over the last 10 days, it seems Narendra Mehta is a very colorful man with a very colorful  life – that could put to shame most Hollywood stars who are known for the many women they “keep”.

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There are several interesting gossip stories doing the rounds. The first one is of how Mehta has been patronizing a much-married Mira Bhayandar BJP Mahila Mandal karyakarta for the last few years, who has been accompanying Mehta all over the country on ‘official’ trips.

On one such outstation trip a furious Mrs Mehta even took to Facebook to vent her ire and told her ‘rival’ via Facebook messaging that she was sending all of Mehta’s luggage and clothes etc and asked her to take care of Mr Mehta for good.

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“I am happy that you are his (Narendra Mehta’s) well-wisher. I am sending over all his clothes and luggage. You please take care of him henceforth” – a furious Mrs Mehta had written on Facebook messenger – a print screen copy of which is with IndiaScribes.com.

This much-married Mehta ladylove has now got a BJP ticket and is also contesting the MBMC polls as corporator candidate.

Gossip mongers in Mira Bhayandar cannot stop raving about how Mehta’s wife was furious when she got the news that her ‘rival’ was given a ticket for the MBMC polls.

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Apparently Mrs Mehta had threatened her husband that she would walk out of the house, if her ‘rival’ was given a ticket. Mrs Mehta had demanded the same ticket – which was offered to her ‘rival’ but was apparently turned down. We wonder why?

And as the saying goes ‘pyar kiya toh darna kya’ and if you are BJP MLA Narendra Mehta toh phir bilkul nahi darna chaiye..

And Narendra Mehta or Naru as he is known to friends surely does it in style. 

Gossip in Mira Bhyandar claims that while Mehta has taken varying sums of money from dance bar owners, massage and hookah palour owners, etc and ‘charged’ ladies bar owners who have been given BJP tickets Rs 30 to 50 lakh per seat for election expenses, Mehta is leaving no stone upturned to ensure that his ladylove wins the elections.

It seems according to hearsay and gossip that Mehta is spending close to Rs 1 crore in his ladylove’s constituency to make sure she wins hands down with a huge margin.

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Another story that is doing the rounds is that Mrs Mehta had allegedly ‘removed’ her ‘rival’s’ kids from the school run by the trust she heads on some pretext or the other. This led to another huge flare up in the family, much to the amusement of rivals and even BJP worker close to the family who were party to the episode.

A PA who leaked Mehta’s phone passwords to Mrs Mehta was sacked instantaneously say sources.

There are several more such stories including other stories of ‘other women’ in Narendra Mehta’s life.

Some readers over time have sent us photographs, FB print screens and screen shots as proof of Mehta’s female fans.

While it is not our intention to insult or defame anyone, we feel that as a prominent politician and public worker Narendra Mehta’s personal life is worth a dekho for Mira Bhayandar voters – many of them who have already heard this gossip several times over.

We must say, Mehta is having all the fun in the world, when he is not attending to political business. Like the saying goes – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – and the poster boy of the BJP in Mira Bhayandar is making sure he doesn’t loose touch.

Ab toh trailer baki hein dost

More to follow in the next episode.. visit IndiaScribes.com for more Mira Bhayandar political gossip in the coming days….



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