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Mira-Bhayandar news: Congress aspirants to pledge loyalty for upcoming MBMC polls

Bhayandar: The spate of defections and defiance by party cadres seems to have injected an abnormal distrust in local Congress leadership, prompting them to devise a novel idea to keep its flock together for the upcoming elections to the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation. As part of their process to shortlist names of candidates aspiring to contest the polls, the party has introduced a “loyalty affidavit” (pratigya patra) programme, making it mandatory for all ticket seekers to submit a public declaration form on stamp paper.

Apart from their legal assent to contest as a team in the panel system and swearing their allegiance to the policies and decisions of the party, the affidavit is a documented pledge to ensure commitment of the elected candidates towards selflessly working towards the welfare of the local populace and striving for the all-round development of the city. “It’s just a pledge to remind our contenders that loyalty to the party should not dominate personal ambitions,” said Congress spokesperson Amit Bhosale.

However, leaders from other parties aimed potshots at the Congress, saying the decision was demeaning and hilarious. Apart from a common tendency to sulk and defect if the candidate selected from their constituency is not of their choice, there have been instances when corporators brazenly defy the party whip for their own selfish gains.


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