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Mira Bhyandar news: College youth drive against cash-for-vote during MBMC polls

Bhayandar: The biggest challenge for the election commission (EC) in the forthcoming elections to the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation is how to tackle the increasing influence of money power and other enticing tactics used by a section of politicians on voters.

However, a group of young collegians have come forward to lend a helping hand by creating awareness among the electorate especially the youth on the need to vote without being influenced.

Under the aegis of Satyakam Foundation, students from various colleges in the twin-city have geared up to conduct a campaign “Our Vote Not for Sale” ahead of the MBMC elections which are scheduled on August, 20.

Besides street plays, human chains, awareness rallies and distribution of leaflets, the collegians have prepared short video clips and are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to drive home the message on ethical voting.

“The EC alone cannot be successful, without the cooperation of us the voters. So we have resolved to encourage the electorate not only to cast their vote but also to make a promise that their vote is precious and not for sale,” said Krishna Gupta of Satyakam Foundation.

“Voters have to realise, that if a candidate spends Rs 100, then he will naturally expect to reap Rs1,000 when elected. This in the form of kickbacks and cuts in the developmental works leading to bad governance,” said Ezekiel Baskar and Wama Gaur who stress on the importance of making an informed choice by verifying the antecedents an track record of their candidates before voting.



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