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Mira Bhyandar news: Siblings expelled from Mira Road school over non-payment of fees

Two siblings studying at Mira Road’s RBK International School were recently de-enrolled by the school. Aryan Nayak, a student of class 5 and Aditi Nayak, a class 2 student, at the school were served expulsion notices by the school after a long-standing battle between the school management and their father Akash Nayak.

Nayak was a part of the group of parents who had protested a fee hike by the school in 2016 and is now alleging that his children are being ‘targeted’ by the school authorities. “The school had hiked fees from Rs 30,000 to 65,000 last year, which the parents protested. As I had led the protest and the complaints that followed, the school isolated my children and now ultimately de-enrolled them,” said Nayak.

While his daughter Aditi was served her leaving certificate in the first week of June, son Aryan was de-enrolled on July 21. Nayak said that despite paying the fees well in time, his children were being ‘targeted’ by the school. “We have paid the fees in June itself. The school is just targeting my children because I brought the issue of fees charged under several abrupt heads to the fore,” said Nayak.

However, school officials maintained that the action was taken as the parents did not pay the prescribed fees and also did not abide by the school’s admission norms. “The school and its senior management had issued a show cause notice on July 1, 2017, to the parents to state as to why appropriate steps should not be taken by the school to de-enroll their son, Aryan Nayak, from school. They were required to reply to the show cause notice within 7 days which they failed to do,” stated the school’s official response, justifying its action.


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