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Larsen D'almeida NCP candidate MBMC elections

NCP candidate Larsen D’almeida (Ward No 12) alleges Muzaffar Hussain and Mira Bhayandar Congress unit cheated him

In a vitriolic attack on the Mira Bhayandar  Congress unit, led by Muzaffar Hussan, former Congressman  and now NCP candidate from Ward No 12 Larsen D’almeida has alleged that the Congress of the Mira Bhayandar unit has cheated him.

In a printed message to his voters, D’almeida says and we republish it as below:

“In the upcoming election I am a social worker working for the cause of the public from a long time.

With regards to the upcoming 2017 Mira Bhayander Mahanagar Palika elections, I would like to tell you a few things from the depth of my heart about the extent of bad politics that I have experienced.

During the 2016 Navratri celebrations, a well-known politician from the congress party happened to visit our Navratri pandal and as a true opportunist he asked me to join his congress party and in return he promised me a candidature in the upcoming elections.

Considering this as a good opportunity, I convinced all my team members to join the party along with me and eventually we started campaigning for the party. As soon as the dates for the 2017 elections were announced we started the campaigning more aggressively and on the instructions of the above said congress leader we even opened up an election public relation office for the party in our ward no.12.

In addition to this, the said congress leader made me and my party co-worker Mrs. Suman Tak pay up Rs.6000/- and Rs.3000/- respectively for filing our nominations.

After going through all this finally on the last and final day of filing the nominations, I was kept waiting till 1.30pm in the congress office. And to my surprise i came to understand that they had planned to give the ticket to some other person who is not at all known in our area and has never done any work in our ward no.12the candidate who has filed his nomination from congress party seems to be so incapable that he is using my name, my photos and my Star Foundation trusts activities photos to promote himself and is portraying in his manifesto that these activities were done by him.

I tried contacting the said congress leader to get this news confirmed but my phone calls were not answered at all. Sensing that something was wrong and since it was the last day to file my nomination, I had to fill up my nomination on an NCP ticket.

Dear brothers and sisters, i have no complaint for not being given a congress ticket but what hurt my feelings more was the way they used my time and money for their personal benefits. Now, I appeal to you to be alert and beware of such fraudulent tactics and bad politics and to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

Elections will keep happening in future also and similarly the results can be in anybody’s favour but still I do promise you that I will always continue my good deeds for the society and will always be available for you.”

Larsen D’almeida blames the Congress leaders in Mira Bhayandar for failing to unite the smaller opposition candidates as well as independents.  The Mira Bhayandar Congress unit is riding on a high horse and does not want to talk to local leaders, is what several break-away Congressmen have to say about the functioning of the party unit in the area.

While the Congress in Mira Bhayandar seems to be a distant third, one wonders why the MRCC did not go out of its way  to ensure that all its party workers were not happily accommodated to ensure the combined efforts of all old timers in the party.

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