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Pakistani Muslim Cleric issues fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan for Shahid Afridi ‘sex’ tweet

According to a news report by a Pakistani local channel, a Muslim cleric from a Madrassa close to the Pak-Afghanistan border has issued a fatwa against Indian model and actress Arshi Khan for her comment about Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi. Last month Arshi Khan had tweeted, “I had sex with Afridi, so what? For me it was love.”

The tweet went viral and the news was picked up all over the world. A Pakistani cable channel on Wednesday evening, claimed that the cleric issued a fatwa against Arshi Khan instructing Muslims in India and Pakistan to “teach the actress a good lesson for abusing Islam”. The cable channel which claimed to have interviewed the cleric, said the Maulana wanted Arshi Khan to be severely punished for a “nude” photo shoot and for her statements concerning Afridi.

Arshi Khan was not available for comment, but media sources in Pakistan confirmed that a fatwa had indeed been issued. The name and identity of the Pakistani Maulana who issued the fatwa is not yet known, but sources said the cleric was disgusted with some of Arshi Khan’s bold and glamourous photographs in circulation on the internet and issued the fatwa in a fit of anger. IndiaNewsNetwork.IN is trying to ascertain the exact identity of the cleric as this report was published.

According to noted Muslim scholar Abdul Quadar Mukadam, “the concept of a fatwa in itself is anti-Constitutional and anti-religion. It should not be taken seriously, as it is the mere opinion of a handful of people claiming to be religious leaders.

“The Prophet preached women’s empowerment and these self-proclaimed saviors of religion are acting precisely in contradiction to what The Prophet preached. It was one of The Prophet’s wives who rode a camel and fought against Khalifa Hazrat Ali to reclaim her kingdom.

“It is a different matter that she lost the battle. But the bottom line is that Islam is not against women’s empowerment. It is the opinion of selfish Ulemas and self-proclaimed saviors of the Muslim community.”

Mukadam opined that all rational-thinking people from the Muslim community must come out openly against the Ulemas misleading innocent people.

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