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Photographer-turned-director Jude Fernandes wants to cast Sunny Leone in his debut Bollywood film

Fashion photographer-turned-director Jude Fernandes has it all cut out for him. And if all goes well, the director is all set to cast none other than Sunny Leone in his debut Bollywood film. The film is a mythological thriller and will sport big names from Bollywood in its star cast.

Fernandes has approached Sunny Leone through her management for playing the lead role. A source close to Starline said, “We have contacted Sunny Leone’s management and are waiting for their reply. We hope all goes well. It is a very novel and prestigious project. Lets see what happens in the days to come.” According to Fernandes, the project has a budget of Rs 150 crore. “I think this is a modestly good budget and we can work wonders with this film,” Fernandes told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

Jude Fernandes is one of the best-known fashion photographers in India with a career spanning over 10 years.

He is the well-known owner of Starline Productions (Mumbai) which is doing casting for Bollywood and modeling shoots for the past years.

Over the years, Jude Fernandes has professionally photographed more than 5000 different shoots all over  India with models from different countries like India, France, Iran, Armenia, Poland, Italy, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, America, Mexico, Persia, Ethiopia, Australia, Moldavia and many more other countries.

He has won many of the top photo awards worldwide, and continues to create self-realized projects and endeavors.

According to Jude Fernandes, Goa is a destination which has beautiful locations and the talents are unlimited, he says that Goa gets people united where talents meet, from different cultures and religion come together as one.

He has done many concept shoots as well as Western and Indian garments and looks further to create more amazing concepts as he works with Indian as well as International clients. He states the clients are always looking for more and more fresh faces and new talents for the upcoming season to shoot for products and garments ads and ad films.

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