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Preliminary tests confirm drug overdose in Anjuna deaths, as police crack down on small peddlers, party organisers

According to a Herald report, the autopsy reports of the bodies of the two youths – Nidan Abdullah and Pravin Sundaram – almost certainly confirm that the deaths were due to drug overdose.

The duo, attending separate late night music and dance parties at Anjuna, had complained of uneasiness and subsequently died at the hospital.

Reliable sources told Herald that the preliminary autopsy reports stated, ‘Edema of brains and lungs’. “It is a preliminary report. The concrete cause of death is not established and viscera are preserved for chemical analysis,” revealed a source.

“Such medical observations are normally made in drug overdose cases.”

The viscera samples are expected to be sent to CFSL Hyderabad for more tests.

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The autopsy on the two bodies was conducted by two different panels of the Forensics Department at Goa Medical College and Hospital.

The death of two young tourists at separate rave parties has exposed the authorities’ laxity in cracking down on drug-laced and illegal parties in the coastal belt.

The drug overdose deaths at Anjuna over the weekend indicate various violations by the organisers of the late night parties, majority of which allegedly have links with the drug trade.

As per reliable information with Herald, three of the six parties held in North and South Anjuna did not have the mandatory sound permission despite which the organisers – unconcerned of any penal action – went ahead hosting the parties.

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Sources at the North Collectorate said that night parties at Shiva Valley, U V Bar and Liliput reportedly did not have permission from the Deputy Collector whereas parties at Banyan Tree, Hilltop and Waters allegedly violated the sound pollution rules by continuing to play loud music after 10pm.

“The organisers had sought permissions to host ‘entertainment shows’ at Hilltop, Banyan Tree and Waters for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Accordingly, the deputy collector granted sound permission from 10am to 10pm, based on NOC by Mapusa SDPO,” an official said.

Sources said the organisers at the three party venues blatantly violated the permission conditions. “The loud music was being played endlessly. All the rules and regulations were thrown to the wind. The authorities are sleeping and the police, despite in the know of the violations refuse to take swift action. Several complaints are not heeded to,” alleged a panchayat member.

Anjuna Sarpanch Patrick Savio Almeida charged the government for not taking action into several complaints. “The locals have been complaining to me about the loud music, and on their behalf I report the matter to the authorities concerned. But no action is initiated. It was just yesterday (Sunday) that the gram sabha meeting discussed about the loud music again,” he told Herald.

It has also come to the notice of Herald that the party organiser at Banyan Tree had sought permission to host the event at Nyxe Beach Club which was rejected, after which it shifted the venue.

While the three venues disobeyed the permission, the other three had not even sought approval from the Deputy Collector for the so-called ‘entertainment shows’.

The late night parties at U V Bar and Liliput, scheduled from August 13-16 and August 11-15 respectively, were being hosted allegedly without sound permission. Shiva Valley that has been penalised for various violations in the past was also hosting the party without permission.

These parties nevertheless had to be abruptly shut following the deaths of the youth.

Recently Excise Department had suspended Shiva Valley’s occasional licence for operating beyond the stipulated time.

The shack-cum-restaurant was allegedly operating beyond 11pm where liquor was also served to customers, which was in violation of the code of conduct that was in place in January 2017.

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The place has often come under the radar of the authorities for either violating sound pollution norms or alleged drug-related activities. Tourism Department, in 2013 had ordered its closure for three years based on a report by the Narcotics Control Bureau confirming narcotics activity.

In 2012, the owner of the shack was arrested for allegedly allowing loud music at the bar and restaurant.

Music equipment had been attached and an offence under Control of Music and Noise Act was registered. The alleged accused was later released on bail.


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