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Priyadarshini Singh: Publicity ke liye kuch bhi karaga – Raja Chaudhary ko banaya bakra

By Suparna Seth – Futuristic Media Network (editor (dot) futuristicmedia (@) gmail (dot) com)

Priyadarshini Singh the wannabe starlet who tried her level best to hook Rahul Mahajan in Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega told one of her friends in Mumbai “Publicity ke liye kuch bhi karaga” before she left for Argentina for the shoot of the Endemol India-produced show on Imagine – Wiipe Out. And sure enough her lived up to her words. She slapped none other than Raja Chaudhary who has got a reputation for beating be it his ex-wife or girl friend. Apparently, when Priyadarshini Singh realised that Raja Chaudhary was drunk at the airport and was behaving erratically, she seized upon the opportunity to get into a confrontation with the hot-headed Bhojpuri actor and producer. She began to prod him and answer back to all that a fully drunk Raja had to say. “She was trying hard to confront Raja and pick up a fight with him. According to a member of the group who is also participating in the same show and who was an eye witness to the incident, Priyadarshini didn’t everything possible to irritate Raja Chaudhary. Initially Raja ignored her and went on with his generic ranting about the other passengers around them who were starring at the group. Raja was particularly irritated with the stares he was getting from the fellow passengers in the waiting area of the airport and was generally cursing them under his breath.

Priyadarshini Singh – herself on the lookout for an opportunity to hit the headlines once again – accosted Raja as though the other passengers were her brothers and sisters. Raja in turn let her have some of the choicest Bambaiya ‘gallies’ in three languages – Hindi, English and Bhojpuri.
This infuriated Priyadarshani Singh who hit back at Raja with equal vengeance anger. But when Raja wouldn’t stop his tirade of expletives, she slapped him real hard, say eye-witnesses at the airport. According to our sources the incident took place at the airport between 3.30 am and 4 am. Priyadarshani even walked up to the CISF personnel on duty at the airport in an obvious attempt to file a complaint against Raja. Like most wannabes and unknown starlets seeking their 11 seconds of fame on the boob tube, she wouldn’t want to let go of an opportunity to hit the headlines on every news channel by filing a police complaint against her tormentor.

Raja Chaudhary was saved when Endemol India officials accompanying the participants intervened and broke up the fight. They had a tough time convincing Priyadarshini Singh not to talk to the police, but a veiled threat of disqualification from the show did the trick and Raja was saved by the skin of his neck.

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