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Radhe Maa is a Sex Addict, She has had Numerous Affairs and openly Fondles and Gropes the breasts of her female devotees: Arshi Khan

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 26th Sept 2015: Speaking exclusively to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, actress Arshi Khan made a very bold statement. She said, “Radhe Maa is a sex addict. She claims to be pure and pious but in reality, she has had several sexual affairs or experiences, in spite of the fact that she is already married. She has publicly claimed that from the time she donned the garb of a sanyasin, or religious teacher she has given up worldly pleasures, but all this is false and fake. Radhe Maa lives a lavish and luxurious life. She travels in very expensive cars and has sex whenever she pleases or feels like with multiple partners,” Arshi Khan revealed.

Earlier Arshi Khan had accused Radhe Maa of being a “dhongi bhabhi”. “She is running a sex racket in the garb of organizing ‘chowkis’ and ‘satsangs’. She has got halos photo shopped around her head and made huge life size posters, to fool unsuspecting believers. She gets intimate with her female devotees, hugs them, gropes and fondles the breasts of her female devotees and would also kiss them when she felt like. While she would touch her female devotees on their private parts in front of everyone else, she would kiss her male devotees or allow the male devotees to carry her and kiss her.” Arshi Khan said adding that she supports the BCAF demand for a CBI inquiry as Radhe Maa and her team have ‘conned’ many innocent victims.


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Arshi Khan said. “Yes I was approached by one of Radhe Maa’s male associates to have sex with him. He claimed that I would get a special blessing from Radhe Maa, as well as he would ensure that I got some good financial remuneration for the act. He also promised me a role in a Bollywood film,” Arshi Khan alleged. IndiaNewsNetwork.IN has refrained from mentioning the name of Radhe Maa’s male associate, but the concerned person is a well-known businessman in Mumbai.

Radhe Maa is a 50-year-old, married, mother of three and a grandmother. Yet she does not look her age. According to lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt whose version corroborates with Arshi Khan’s allegations, Radhe Maa hugs her ecstatic devotees, lets them carry her and sometimes plants a kiss on her devotees and media persons interviewing her. She also sports a trident and dances to Hindi film songs. When she is not adorned in a red attire draped with floral offerings, she poses in a pink mini skirt, matching long boots and a cap. Sukhwinder Kaur alias Radhe Maa has the right ingredients to command a large fan following.

In Mumbai, her congregation is held at the residence of the Gupta family in Malad in the western suburbs. It is a carefully orchestrated event, with only the god woman and small radius around her showered with light and rest of the hall in pitch darkness. Radhe Maa then makes her entrance, swaying to the tune of a Hindi film song or a bhajan. If Radhe Maa chooses the dance with her devotees, the intensity in the gathering reaches a crescendo.

“What I witnessed was disturbing and nauseating. On cue from Radhe Maa, her devotees would lift her with bodies pressed very close. She would be intimate with her devotees, hug them, grope the breasts of her female devotees and would also kiss them if she wanted to,” advocate Falguni Brahmbhatt said.

The same lawyer had complained to the police against Radhe Maa for obscenity. Police investigation into the allegations of dowry, leveled by woman who was married into Radhe Maa’s family, is already pending.

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