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Radhe Maa, Sanjiv Gupta owe IT Dept & Charity Com. over Rs 150 cr in unpaid taxes, alleges Arshi Khan

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 12th Oct 2015:  After alleging that self-styled god woman Radhe Maa alias Sukhwinder Kaur alias Saku runs a sex racket and a hawala racket, model and actress Arshi Khan today made another startling allegation. Speaking exclusively to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, Arshi Khan said, “Radhe Maa and Sanjiv Gupta of Global Advertisers totally owe the Government of India over Rs 150 crore in un-paid taxes, levies and dues over the last 10 years.”

Asked to explain how she arrived at this figure of Rs 150 crore, Arshi Khan said, a reliable source from the Mumbai Income Tax department – which is conducting an inquiry into Radhe Maa’s wealth for the last one month, told her that Radhe Maa and her associates have not filed any income tax returns for the Charitable Trust run by her and her associates for the last 10-12 years. The Charitable Trust was collecting funds and donations – including funds from abroad received in foreign exchange for the last 10 years. No income tax returns have been filed at all till date, Arshi Khan quoted her IT source as saying. “The trust named Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust was registered only last year and for about 10 years they were illegally collecting funds and donations,” Arshi Khan alleged adding that these funds and donations were being siphoned off abroad and some of it was merged into the balance sheets of Global Advertisers.


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“This figure of Rs 150 cr is not my calculation. My source in the Mumbai Income Tax dept – a very senior officer said that the IT department estimates that over all Radhe Maa and her associates owe the Govt of India over Rs 150 crore in unpaid dues. Please ask the IT department. Why is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra silent on this issue? There is a huge tax evasion here and nobody from any political party is even uttering a word. I have been given to understand by several politicians whom I met and approached in regard to this matter that since it is a “religious issue” no political party wants to come forward or make a statement. This is because the high commands in both the Congress and BJP feel that if they speak out, then the other party will make it into a Hindu-Muslim or religious issue. This is not a religious issue alone, it is a case of tax evasion, fraud, forgery and cheating against the Government of India,” Arshi Khan told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN

“I demand an full-fledged inquiry into the transactions of Global Advertisers,” Arshi Khan said, explaining that Global Advertisers and other Gupta-family-owned companies were used to siphon off or park funds received in Radhe Maa’s name. “One must minutely scrutinize the balance sheets and the P&L accounts of all the Man Mohan Gupta, Jagmohan Gupta, Sanjiv Gupta and Rajiv Gupta owned companies. There is a web of deceit and lies. Over Rs 100 crore has been siphoned off by the Guptas’ and parked in foreign benami accounts in Dubai, the UK and the USA, including other tax havens like Mauritius, etc,” Arshi Khan alleged.

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