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Radhe Maa under-declared Rs 30 crore bungalow at Borivli for Rs 3 crore, violated FSI rules

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 23rd Sept 2015: Radhe Maa’s troubles do not seem to end any where soon. Latest media reports and some RTI queries by social activists have shown that Radhe Maa and her businessmen associates may be in for bigger trouble. Various departments of the state, including the Building Works department of the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation, the Income Tax department and the Sales Tax department have started independent investigations into Radhe Maa’s assets, properties and income.

From emerging information, including a report on Tv channel News 24, it seems that Radhe Maa and her associates grossly under-declared the real worth of a bungalow purchased in the name of Radhe Maa’s son which was originally worth Rs 30 crore. It seems the value of the bungalow was only shown to be Rs 3 crore to avoid taxes and stamp duty. Further, there was an old existing structure at the spot which was demolished and a new structure was put up. The new structure was built without taking requisite BMC permissions and FSI rules were violated from the start. The built-up area of the piece of land is almost double if one calculates stringent FSI norms when the structure came up. Either way, even if a lenient view is considered the structure will still be in violation of FSI rules.

Radhe Maa and her associates also own several very expensive luxury cars including a Jaguar, worth Rs 85 lakh, a Mercedes Benz worth Rs 60 lakh, a Toyota Fortuner worth Rs 35 lakh, a Honda City, etc. Most of these vehicles are registered in benami names, but the police have yet to take any action for fraud, says Arshi Khan.  Unverified reports also stated that Radhe Maa and her associates run and own bank accounts in Dubai, the USA, UK and other Gulf countries where all illegal wealth is stashed.

Firebrand model Arshi Khan who has accused Radhe Maa of running a sex racket, being involved in Hawala operations, etc questioned Radhe Maa as to where all this wealth came from. According to Arshi Khan, Radhe Maa’s charitable trust, Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust was registered only in 2014 and no income tax or balance sheet has been filed with the Charity Commissioner till date. Further, Radhe Maa and her associates have been collecting donations for the last 12 years, including donations from abroad in foreign exchange which have been unaccounted for.

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