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Radhe Maa’s ‘chowkis’ held on public grounds were conducted without police or requisite permissions

IndiaNewsNetwork.IN Bureau | 2nd Oct 2015: Speaking to a news channel in Mumbai on Thursday, model and actress Arshi Khan alleged that Radhe Maa’s ‘chowkis’ or ‘satsangs’ which were held or conducted on public grounds till date and on other open spaces all over India were held without any police or other requisite permissions and were in that sense illegally organised.

Arshi Khan while making these allegations, quoted several RTI (Right to Information Act) queries filed by social activist Shri Ramesh Joshi who is the chairman and president of the Dharma Rakshak Mahamanch – a social organisation based in Mumbai, stating that information obtained by Joshi from the concerned authorities, post these RTI queries had proved beyond doubt that Radhe Maa and her associates have taken the law of the land into their own hands.

“Everyone including politicians know that to organize a public event in any open space, one requires to obtain several permissions, including Fire Brigade, Police, Loudspeaker license, Entertainment Tax, Traffic Police permissions, etc. There are nearly ten permissions which need to be obtained before any such event can be held outdoors. The information which Shri Ramesh Joshi has obtained from his RTI queries clearly shows that Radhe Maa’s associates namely Sanjiv Gupta of Global Advertisers who is the man behind all the activity as well as the so-called charitable trust Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust run by him in her name did not bother to obtain any of the required permissions.”

Wondering how these public events were allowed to be held by the police and other authorities in Mumbai and in other parts of India, Arshi Khan opined, “It looks like the police were hand-in-glove with Sanjiv Gupta, Manmohan Gupta, Radhe Maa and others. Or how else could such huge gatherings take place without required permissions,” she asked? “It seems the police were bribed to look the other way. Even the entertainment tax authorities did not bother to question Radhe Maa and her associates,” Arshi Khan said.

Arshi Khan made these allegations while speaking to news channel News24 in Mumbai.

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