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Ram Rahim Singh could have raped over 250 women, murdered several persons who attempted to expose him

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, the chief of the influential Dera Sacha Sauda sect, was held guilty of rape by a court in a 15-year-old case – a verdict which led to clashes, arson and violence by his supporters leaving almost 38 persons dead and over 300 injured. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined Rs 30 lakh.
However, what has not been highlighted by the media and the law is the fact that Ram Rahim Singh could have raped over 100 other women at the Dera over the last 15 years. The letter written by one of the victims which resulted in the conviction of the godman about 15 years ago, clearly states that 45-50 women who were traumatized at the ashram would come forward to give evidence in the case. 
A former CBI officer claimed that the agency traced about 30 to 40 victims who were sexually assaulted by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.
A former security guard named Beant Singh, who claimed to be a former aide of the Dera chief for 15 years, said that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has murdered several people and has disposed off bodies in the near-by lake and some of them are even buried in the Dera headquarters.

He also said that the Dera chief is a known assaulter and has raped almost 90 percent of the sadhvis in the Dera were sexually assaulted or raped.


According to NDTV, the two women followers who accused the self-styled “godman” of sexually assaulting and threatening them, have been living in fear; their lawyer said in court that they would have to move to another state if the guru was acquitted. He also spoke about shifting the case out of Haryana for a fair trial.

Where the women are has not been disclosed. As clashes erupted, the lawyer refused to share details and said they would not speak.

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The lawyer said one of the survivors has been “very disturbed in the last few days”. Tens of thousands of Dera followers – who call themselves premis – had been gathering in Sirsa – where the Dera has its main headquarters – and Panchkula, where a court pronounced the verdict. As soon as Ram Rahim’s conviction was announced, violence broke out near the court with supporters taking to arson and vandalism.

The Dera chief was formally charged in 2002 after the CBI took the statements of the Sadhvis who alleged they were raped by Ram Rahim in his room at the Sirsa ashram. According to reports, one of them alleged that he justified it saying it would “purify” her.

The allegations surfaced when an anonymous letter apparently written by one of the Sadhvis began circulating. In the three-page letter addressed to then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, the Union Home Ministry and the High Court among others, the Sadhvi alleged that the Dera chief had raped not just her but other followers too.

The woman said Ram Rahim called her to his “gufa (cave)” – what he called his den – where he was watching TV with a revolver by his side. She alleged that she was raped repeatedly.

Based on the letter, the high court directed the CBI to investigate.

The CBI questioned many Sadhvis and tracked down the two survivors, who testified before a court. The man suspected to be behind the anonymous letter was murdered. In 2008, a CBI court ordered rape charges against Ram Rahim.

“My life has changed after I gave the statement. I can’t move freely. There is danger to my life. I am also apprehensive about lives of my family members,” one of the women told the Indian Express.

She was reported as saying such was the self-styled “godman’s” reign of terror that “nothing can happen without his permission and his followers take his preaching as a message of God.”

The woman said she was confident of getting justice and had waited too long.

An arts graduate, she was persuaded by her parents to become a Sadhvi.

“Fortunately, this case was handled by honest officers from CBI. They have tried their best to ensure justice to us. That’s why we have hope,” she told the Indian Express before the verdict.

According to India Today, Ram Rahim unleashed a reign of terror at the Dera Sacha Sauda. But, a letter, written anonymously by a sadhvi , brought the Dera empire of Gurmeet Ram Rahim down.

After 200 hearings spread over 10 years and numerous stay orders of higher courts, a CBI special trial court in Panchkula on Friday convicted Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, in a case related to raping his female followers. The court will pronounce the sentencing on Monday.

Since Wednesday, parts of Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh have been under a security lockdown as 200,000 supporters of Ram Rahim had assembled in Panchkula ahead of the verdict.

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Baba of bling Ram Rahim Singh head of Dera Sacha Sauda, is now prisoner number 1997

The flashy self-styled godman known for gliding through the air dressed in pink robes in his promotional videos, spent his first night by roaming inside the cell till midnight, prison officials said.

A bowl of dal, two chapatis and mixed pickle were served to him in dinner, they added.

Arrangements have been inside the prison to keep the Dera chief secure. He has no contact with other inmates, Haryana DGP (Jails) K P Singh said.

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