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Sadhvi Saraswati: “Goans must understand they live in Hindustan and not Portugal, I stand by my statements on hanging beef eaters”


BY FLYNN REMEDIOS:  Sadhvi Saraswati President of the Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti of Chhindwara in MP added fuel to the fire raging in Goa over her comments on eating beef by saying she firmly stands by her comments and views on the issue.

The Sadhvi also said her organisation is insisting on the Goa government to “ban” beef in the state.

Speaking to IndiaScribes.com, the Sadhvi said:

I firmly stand by my comments made in my speech. Cow slaughter is banned in India and the cow is a revered, holy animal. Cow is our mother. How can anyone even think of killing and eating your own mother. Goans must understand that they live in Hindustan and not Portugal. They must respect the sentiments of the majority of Indian Hindus. The Sanatan Dharma Prachar Seva Samiti has asked the Goa government and the CM Manohar Parrikar to ban beef in Goa.  I reiterate that beef eaters and those who support cow slaughter must be hanged to death

When queried that it was not cow slaughter that was the bone of contention, but rather cattle slaughter which includes water buffaloes and even goats – the Sadhvi said that Hindustan must be a vegetarian first country.

When told that the Goan economy depends on tourists who relish their beef steaks and beef stew, she said that we must not fall for small things. Instead we must show the world that Hindustan is a vegetarian country. “We are not asking for a ban on fish or mutton or chicken, why only harp on beef,” she asked, adding that in some countries and communities even deer, rabbits, snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs are relished as food.

“Are you going to allow foreigners or foreign tourists to dictate which animals are slaughtered for food in Hindustan. Are you going to allow frogs, snakes, turtles and deer to be killed just because some tourists want to eat frog legs or venison (deer meat), the Sadhvi asked?

When told that pork is not banned even in many Islamic countries, she said she will not comment on the policy decisions of other nations. “I live in Hindustan and my heart beats only for Hindustan,” was her prompt reply.

According to media reports, a Sadhvi attending a conclave of various Hindu outfits in Goa last week had said those who eat beef should be hanged in public, sparking a row amid the raging debate over cattle slaughter and consumption of beef.

The remark made by Sadhvi Saraswati was condemned by the Congress, whose leaders demanded that the BJP-led government in Goa lodge an FIR over the “hate speech” and put her under arrest.

Saraswati, also likened eating beef to “eating one’s own mother.”

“I would recommend the Government of India that those who consider it as a status symbol to eat the meat of one’s own mother should be hanged in public. Then only people will realise that it is our duty to protect ‘gau mata’,” the sadhvi said during the inauguration of the All India Hindu Convention at Ramnathi village here.

She also exhorted the Hindus to keep arms at their homes to protect themselves.

“If we do not stock arms, we will be destroyed in future,” she said.

“Today Bharat is under attack from all directions. Efforts are being made to separate Kashmir from Bharat and also stop the Amarnath pilgrimage. Bharatmata-Gaumata are under attack,” she added.

Slamming the demand by some political parties to ban the right-wing outfits calling for the creation of the “Hindu rashtra”, she said they should realise that no power in the countrycan prevent the Hindus from establishing the “Hindu Nation.”

She also said “there is no such thing as saffron terrorism,” adding that “saffron means dedicated life for the nation and dharma.”

About 130 Hindu organisations from 21 states and foreign countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal are attending the four-day convention, its organisers said.

Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member Shantaram Naik said he had raised Saraswati’s speech at the meeting of the Consultative Committee of Home Affairs, presided over by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, held in New Delhi.

Naik said Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, who also holds the Home portfolio,should immediately take cognizance of the sadhvi’s statement and put her under arrest.

Otherwise it would be presumed that BJP, including its national leadership, is in agreement with her views, Naik said in a press note.

Reacting to the speeches made at the meet, All India Congress Committee secretary Girish Chodankar questioned the Manohar Parrikar-led state government’s silence over them.

“Statements causing communal hatred are made during the convention. The state government has become a party to the entire programme by maintaining silence and allowing it to continue,” Chodankar alleged.

Chodankar had also questioned Goa Forward Party leader Vijai Sardesai’s silence on the issue.

Sardesai, whose party is now an ally of the ruling BJP, had in the past hit out at the VHP’s claim that it would ban beef in the state.

“Why is he (Sardesai) silent over Sadhvi’s statement promoting violence?” Chodankar asked.

He said the government should have taken cognizance of the sadhvi’s comments on its own and filed an FIR against her for ‘hate speech’.

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  1. She don’t know history..goavwas not a part of india before..It’s only after Portuguese are gone Goa became a part of India.

  2. I dont agree with that bitch,tell her why prime minister goes to christain countries to beg.

    • The prime minister never go to beg, there are some international deals which every PM has to make for a future growth. I am not supporting the article but u must understand what and what not to comment on PM.

  3. Disagree

  4. The country should have clean politics ….it should not be based on religion and peoples eating habits…

  5. Kindly Tell Sadhvi madam to first ban the export of beef from India.
    Also not allow their mother cow to be roaming on the streets n highways & to please take them to her home & look after them at her own expense.
    And lastly, all of us as Indians must first help & take care of the millions of homeless n starving families of our country instead of raking issues of gau Mata for certain selfish political gains & spewing venom and disharmony in our country.
    God save my country.

  6. Since Modi Government couldn’t any Ache Din so far, this is the only way to divert people’s attention. The fact is that people across India eat beef and it has been part of their traditional diet. This is the constitutional right of every citizen of this country to decide what to eat and what not. The militant mentality (the one who even assassinated Mahatma Gandhi) of these fake nationalists will ruin the country. If you are too concerned about what people eat, go and feed the millions of Indians (mostly Hindus) who go hungry every day. The psyche of BJP and its supporters are criminal. But thank you for bringing out your real colour. If these should be considered as the true values of Hinduism, there is no other reason required to understand what is happening in the society.

  7. Hang ur self first don’t tell goans Wat to do now only u all came to know that ull worship cows Wat about before lol gal how old r you learn some basic things first hang beef eaters that ain’t gonna happen in goa don’t ever step goa to give ur stupid talks

  8. Jim Frazer Henry

    Even you need to understand! That you live in a democratic country, where all have a life for themselves, dammit your a citizen like any other, you ain’t anything more 😂

  9. Madame, Keep out of Goa …. we are peaceful people , our CM is too smart to fall Prey to such muddy politics ! Shri Manohar Parrikar is our hero , at heart and soul he is first Goan , he loves Goa and wouldn’t ever do any thing to spoil our harmonious living.
    People love him and he loves the people
    Spread love ❤️ lady not hate please

  10. Hi sadhvi ur just wasting time in politics pls my request is to pls work as kinfisher model or pls try ur luck in balaji telefilms as a vamp !!! Sorry to say if bombay to u is mumbai etc etc to me GOA is still PORTUGUAL so pls get ur statictics right wonder u ever been to school , and pls it is never hindustan it was always INDIA my country my birth place and would always be !!! my request to.modiji and mitron pls f.o to the borders of our country if ur really want to fight along with ur political partners we will eat what we want i dont want u giving me T.D.H menu and telling me wat to eat .i respect my bros & sis of my country so pls stop spreading hatred !!!!

  11. I am a Goan Hindu. God women’s like these are a half wits who do not understand democracy.
    What I eat or what my neighbour Christian friend eats is none of her business.
    This is lunacy and she should be jailed for spreading hate speeches like this.
    Bloody extremist terrorist.

  12. dear sadhvi i know you want to come in limlite and want fame, but you are going in wrong directions. your own hindu people thinks that you are insane. and to tell you there are many issues in india for Eg. dont help other religion people but start with helping your own hindu poor people who are homeless , beggers and sick and needy .protecting cow will not help you get famous. infact if you put your efforts to help the poor even your God will be pleased and bless you in abundant.

  13. Instead of working on more stringent punishments for rapist, our country has morons like these who focus on non important things.

  14. If cow is her mother then she should be born a cow. What a joke…. How can a cow be her mother. If it is, then she should protect n home all the stray cows roaming around n worship and look after her mother (cow) instead of letting them roam the roads….. hahaha

  15. Then why the current government exports beef !!!!!and bans it in some states in India.it’s so funny right.

  16. Domingos Dsouza

    Sadvi’s hate, divisive, distructive & ignorant speeches will only towards utter distraction & profess hate within our Nation. Knowing our secular Constitution such destructive people should be arrested & imprisoned. If so revered, why the poor animal left in streets all over the country to fend for itself that often chokes & dyes with plastic bags & poison matters c

  17. how did she wake up today and decide the cow cant be eaten. All these years people in India, including Hindus themselves are eating beef…

  18. I never knew that these people were born out of a cow? I’m a human being and I have qualities of human, born of a human mother not cow. Please madam Sadhvi learn the concept called humanism. Don’t be a murderer. Cow is just an animal and nothing more. Cow isn’t holy it’s just you people created this concept. Sick….

  19. If Cow is your mother then how come you’re a human being? Do you milk your mother and give her milk to others?

  20. Just ignore these idiots… They are nothing without us. They are leaders only if we follow them… And I hope Goans are smart enough for that

  21. What!!! hahahahaha..is Sadhvi Saraswati a hybrid?? she just said cow is her mother…by the way how many fathers she has than????

  22. I agree with all the fellow goans, was SADHVI born to a cow. For her kind information, HINDUS in the WESTERN WORLD eat beef. They love it to the extent that they lick the plate with their fingers. How hypocirtic is this. Tell her to profess her ideolgies within her 4 walls. We have lived very peacefully in GOA. She should get a LIFE, she is a sad soul. She should be hanged. Send her back to school……………… what a shame………….. get a life girl, don’t wast your time in dirty politics. STAY OUT OF GOA, LET OUR GOA BE AS IT WAS. OUR PATRON SAINT – ST. FRANCIS XAVIER WILL SEE YOUR END. DON’T INTERFERE WITH GOANS, WE ARE PEACEFUL PEOPLE.

  23. A cow is not Goa’s mother & neither are you! Saraswati, God is everywhere & within us! You don’t deserve to be called Sadhvi. How can you consider killing humans over cows? You are not the ruler of our meals, you are nobody to tell us what not to eat. Why don’t you feed the cows that are loitering on the streets? Take them all to your place and treat them well instead if you’re such a cow loving person.

  24. Why is this majority Hindu community so scared of other minority religious communities in my country?
    Is it because they fear that their beliefs are superficial/shallow?

  25. She is an illiterate fool. A human being has the right to eat whatever he or she likes. Soon or later, you bastards will come up with curfews and timetables. Please dont destroy the nation. You might want a hindu only nation. This could result in extremism and terrorism from other religions. I am from kerala and btw i had beef curry for breakfast.

  26. love all the comments..especially about asking her to be a kingfisher covergirl !! sorry she will never make it………..way to go GOANS!!!!!..

  27. Sebastian fernandes

    You see cows and all cattle all on Indian roads. One foreigner asked another foreigner why all these animals specially cows loose on the Indian roads. The answer given by the other was as follows.THE COWS ARE WHORING/PROSTITUITION ON THE ROADS.

  28. We will take beef till the end of our life thats the promise …disagree with shameless sadhvi saraswati 😡😡

  29. Beef eating was nvr indian culture, it was forced on native by portugese, same happened in kerala n north east by missionaries, its time to change it !!! bring back yoga, sanskrit and vegetarianism in goa !!

  30. My respect ends for goan xtians after seein all converted xtian comments here, i found goa too super radicalized like kashmir, i can see xtians r doing vatican jihad in goa. shame on goan xtians who eats cow !!! first we annex goa frm portugese, now its time to do it again frm radical xtians !!

    • no wonder hindus r leaving india for other normal countries in the west………india better change or it is going backwards

    • Goa was forcibly conquered by India. What makes u think that Goans will be happy when their lands and taken away and they are forced to obey antithetical rules like this

  31. These ppl should be more concentrated and stritct on punishment for rapist and not on using religion as a tool to separate the people . They care more about cows and are more interested to protect them but don’t give abt a damn to protect the women of their states or country as a whole .

  32. any country needs cash revenue to progress..Tourism is India’s biggest draw…they advertise “travel India” all over the world. Westerners are meat eaters…India will start loosing it’s tourists to other countries who are interested in tourist money…that means no foreign investment..and India will start going downhill and backwards, Concentrate more on progress of infra structure and educating people..giving them healthy food and meat to eat so they can live and be healthy n not weak and beg. Put your thoughts n ideas to moving the country FORWARD and not BACKWARD…Animal are there to be slaughtered n eaten..don’t like it become a vegan…jains don’t care what u eat…they eat what they want…u don’t want to eat meat..good for u lady. don’t spread your illiterate ideas to the illiterate population…india already has enough of them..don’t need uneducated backward slum dwellers like u spreading hatred…

  33. She is a moron. Does she know India exports beef for consumption and not to be kept in meuseums. Stupid one.

  34. incredible INDIA

  35. Goa needs to be given back to the Portuguese the way it was annexed. No one asked Indians to take our land and expect us to follow their rules. Im sure if they aren’t happy they have the means and options to elsewhere for their vices.

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