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Sand dunes and beach stretch eroded as Lucky 7 continues to damage Miramar beach


PANAJI: The wave radiation stress caused by the grounding of MV Lucky Seven at Miramar continues to erode the sand dunes and the beach stretch on the vessel’s southern side. Conditions for salvaging the vessel may improve with the sea becoming calmer.

The vessel lay grounded in an oblique position from July 16 till Sunday evening, but floated with the tide and is now almost perpendicular to the shore since Monday. For a week the vessel has acted as an obstruction for wave dissipation, triggering changes in the beach morphology. Roughly, a 100m- stretch south of the ship has been hit by erosion and the shoreline displays a clear dent like a curve that is seen during high tide.

“All the waves are hitting the beach on the vessel’s southern side and eating up the shore,” a source said. Officials from the salvage crew also conceded that erosion has occurred and that the sand dunes have been battered by waves.

Miramar beach is the most dynamic beach system in Goa and its width increases and decreases to the extent of 150-200m during the year. “A large sand flat has formed now on the northern side of the vessel, which has been caused by the transportation of sand towards the Miramar side of the vessel,” former scientist of the national institute of oceanography (NIO), Antonio Mascarenhas said.

Mascarenhas, who had carried out a project to rejuvenate sand dunes on Miramar beach flattened by massive tourist and visitor footfalls, said the sand accumulation is occurring in the ship’s shadow zone. “There is deposition here and at low tide, it is a sand flat. But no erosion is taking place,” he said.

The erosion caused by the ship’s grounding is seen on the southern side, towards Caranzalem.

The salvage team officials said that conditions are favourable for the removal of the vessel on Monday and Tuesday. However, they said that due to various factors they will wait till Friday or Saturday to carry out the salvaging job.




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