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SHAME: Rohan Khaunte, Vijay Sardesai support “communal” NDA2 presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind, says IACC



The India Against Corruption and Communalism (IACC) Forum has condemned Goa Forward Party’s supremo Vijai Sardesai’s support for the NDA 2 presidential candidate dalit leader and former lawyer Ram Nath Kovind.

The IACC also criticized MLA Rohan Khaunte for his ‘quick’ support to the BJP candidate.

The IACC has termed the presidential candidate as “communal” for his earlier actions in the past as a BJP leader. (Read Here)

According to a PTI report, a ruling ally of the BJP in Goa and an Independent MLA have welcomed the nomination of Dalit leader and former lawyer Ram Nath Kovind as the NDA’s presidential candidate.

An IACC spokesperson said the BJP has erred in selecting a candidate who though is a Dalit, is known for his controversial statements against Muslims and Christians.

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“Congratulations to Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji. A farmer’s son, Dalit leader & successful lawyer, he is certain to be an exemplary President,” tweeted Vijai Sardesai, Goa’s Agriculture Minister.

Sardesai represents the Goa Forward Party (GFP), which is part of the BJP-led ruling coalition.

Three Independent MLAs are also supporting the Manohar Parrikar government.

Independent legislator and Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte, too, pledged his support to Kovind in the next month’s election for the top constitutional post, reports PTI.

Khaunte tweeted “The son of a farmer worked hard to become a successful lawyer & now Shri #RamNathKovind has been nominated to become President of India.

“As a strong voice of the poor and marginalized, I am certain that he will be an exemplary President of the people,” he further tweeted.

The MGP, another BJP ally in the coastal state, has not yet spelt out its stand on Kovind. The regional outfit has three MLAs.

When contacted, MGP president Deepak Dhavlikar said nobody has approached them so far seeking their support for the NDA’s presidential choice, according to PTI.

“We have yet to decide our stand on backing Kovind.

Nobody has approached us so far seeking our support in the presidential polls,” he told PTI.

The current strength of the 40-member Goa House is 38 – the BJP 12, the Congress 16, the MGP 3, the GFP 3, Independents 3 and the NCP 1.

Springing a surprise, the BJP yesterday announced the candidature of Kovind, 71, for the top constitutional post.






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  1. Don’t get offended by what the leader says they are trying to brain wash the people of India. I do not use the word minority for the word minority is used by the ignorant people who knows nothing about Mankind. Simple sentence “WE ARE ALL EQUAL AND WE ARE INDIANS and We all live in the 21st Century”.

  2. Nothing was so disturbing until BJP started ruling India… There was peace in India even when Atal Behari vajpayee was PM… It’s because of sick mentality confusions are being created within religions of India…

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