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Time not yet right, but Goa Congress intensifies efforts to topple Parrikar-led Goa Govt

The Congress leaders in Goa have now begun hectic activities to see if the single largest party can form the government in Goa with the help of smaller parties currently supporting the BJP-led dispensation, reports DNA.

Sources say that former CM Digambar Kamat and Opposition leader Chandrakant Kavlekar have taken lead to gather support for the Congress. The initiatives commenced after Luizinho Faleiro resigned as Pradesh Congress Committee chief.

However, senior journalist and veteran Goa political analyst Flynn Remedios (also the Editor of IndiaScribes.com) opines that the time is not right. “The Goa Congress must focus only on the by-polls and ensure that Parrikar is routed. The prodigal son Vishwajit Rane must be brought back into the fold and Vijai Sardesai must be made ghar jamai,” says Remedios.

Congress MLAs had assured the high command that the present government can be toppled if Luizinho is replaced as PCC chief. Now, the onus lies on leaders like Kamat to prove their point.

Digambar Kamat must work very hard and ensure that Parrikar is defeated in his home turf of Panaji. If he can do that, then Kamat can call the shots in Goa. He must also bring back the prodigal son Vishwajit Rane back into Congress House. If Rane comes back before the by polls, with a public statement that he was misguided and made a mistake, Parrikar’s defeat will be much easier, says Remedios.

“The Goa Congress must first unanimously announce the name of the Pradesh Congress Committee chief by consensus and come together as one united party. Then they must announce the candidate who will take on Parrikar in the Panaji by polls. Rane’s opponent must also be projected with popular, honest and hardworking people being given preference. The entire Goa Congress must come together on one platform, one stage as a family to support these two candidates. Only then can they topple the BJP in Goa.  Unfortunately, there are still factions within the party and not everyone is fully supporting Kamat. One or two Congressmen are in wait and watch mode, sitting on the fence. Kamat must bring his team together and then try to crack into Parrikar’s team,” says Flynn Remedios.

The Congress hopes to woo Goa Forward Party and its leader Vijai Sardesai along with some independent MLAs. However, they haven’t received any response from the alliance partners in the present government. The current strength of Goa assembly is 38. Congress has 16 MLAs in the House and needs three more legislators to destabilize the government. For now, the party is hoping to break at least one faction from the ruling alliance.

On the other hand, as per the sources close to the ruling, the BJP has opened communication with at least four Congress MLAs. The party plans to poach these MLAs if Congress succeeds in breaking the present alliance. BJP’s plan includes bringing down Congress’ strength to 12, equal to the present strength of the BJP in Goa assembly.

with inputs from DNA


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