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Tv actress accuses Mira-Bhayandar sitting BJP corporator of allegedly attempting to molest her

A 27-year-old Mumbai-based Tv and Bollywood actress who has also featured in a Bollywood film that released two years ago, has accused a sitting BJP Corporator from Mira-Bhayandar of allegedly attempting to molest her during a meeting at his “office”.

According to information from reliable sources, who spoke to IndiaScribes.com, the actress who currently has two shows on air on two different TV GEC channels was invited by the BJP Corporator (whose name has not yet been revealed as a police inquiry is ongoing) to discuss some professional assignments including the possibility of campaigning with the local BJP MLA and leader Narendra Mehta‘s team for the upcoming Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) elections to be held on 20th August.

The actress who personally spoke to IndiaScribes.com‘s Editor – Investigations Flynn Remedios said that she was asked to come to a flat at the Kanakia area, opposite Cinemax Theater at Mira Road on Thursday to discuss the ‘project’.

“I was told that the the BJP Corporator would meet me at his personal office near the Cinemax Theater. Accordingly, I went to the given location and address and found out upon reaching there that the “office” was in a 2 BHK flat in a residential building on the fourth floor. I was a bit surprised, however, many people do have functional offices in residential societies, so I went up to the flat. At first there were 4-5 people – all of whom were obviously BJP workers in the flat. But eventually, one by one they left and I was alone in the waiting room. The Corporator called me to the inner room (which was the master bedroom but had a partition that created a separate chamber inside. After a few pleasantries and discussions, we started negotiating on the budget and my professional fees. The Corporator told me, I had to campaign alongside Shri Narendra Mehta who is the local BJP strongman in the area. After some time, the Corporator got up from his chair and went to the common washroom in the flat. On his way back, he approached me and put his arm on my shoulder and said that I should co-operate with him as he could introduce me to the top BJP bosses in Maharashtra and that would be really good for my career. I politely removed his hand from my shoulder and requested him to take a seat. But he again put his hand on my shoulder and this time held my arm with his other hand and tried to pull me towards him. I stood up and almost screamed at him to behave. He was a bit taken aback at my sudden explosive verbal barrage and probably did not expect me to verbally berate him in an explosive way. I quickly picked up my hand bag and walked out of the office. There was nobody in the living room when I walked out,” said the actress whose name has been withheld by IndiaScribes.com.

The actress who resides at Oshiwara has sent a written complaint on Saturday to the zonal DCPs office as she didn’t want to file a complaint at the Kanakia Police Station in Mira Road, fearing that she would not get justice from the local Thane Rural police department as the concerned Corporator and the BJP leader whom he was allegedly working for – Narendra Mehta are very well connected and powerful in the area.

IndiaScribes.com has learnt that the police are conducting a preliminary inquiry into the allegations of the Tv actress before registering an FIR.

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