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Were BBS11 contestants Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde in a relationship?

Since day one of Bigg Boss 11, the two people who cannot stand each other are Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. Their quarrel seems to be never-ending and now it is getting onto the minds of other inmates of the house.

Sources from the sets inform us that Shilpa has been constantly poking Vikas Gupta by singing songs. She has been taunting Vikas for her ouster from Bhabi Ji Ghar par Hain through her songs. Irritated by her behaviour, Vikas lost his cool and was seen carrying her clothes in the garden area. Vikas apparently hides her clothes and other things in anger. Shilpa was unable to locate her clothes and other personal items and then she was told that her things were lying outside in the garden area.

Now a source reveals that both Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde were in a secret relationship during her stint Bhabi Ji Ghar par Hain. While this could not be confirmed, our sources at the channel told us that both were “very close” to each other once upon a time, but Vikas chose to love his job more than Shilpa and was responsible for her ouster. Shilpa had got emotionally attached to Gupta, but he was not serious and was only interested in the physical aspect of the relationship. Eventually, things did not work out and Shilpa held Vikas responsible for all her problems as she expected him to stand by her in her problems with the channel.

Day four of Bigg Boss starts with a bang. Shilpa continues to sing her favorite self-composed song “Bang-Bang”, with an aim to instigate Vikas. During the process to irritate him, Vikas claims that she has abused his mother and seeks revenge in his own way.

Vikas decides to avenge her by not letting her sleep. And in the process, he is not the only one. Contestants like Priyank and Hina have taken sides and chosen to support Vikas as they think Shilpa is overdoing it for no reason.

The gang decides to bang vessels against each other and not let Shilpa sleep. Vikas’ annoyance reaches a newer realm and he goes one step further and hides her things in the thick of the night. At daybreak, Shilpa is shocked to see her stuff missing from the store room and starts looking for her belongings in the house.

Meanwhile, we also see Hina trying to make Shilpa understand that whatever is happening is not on the right flavour anymore. However, Shilpa is reluctant to Hina’s thoughts due to which the latter walks away claiming that the former is not somebody who would understand.

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